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SpeakOut 11/11

Monday, November 11, 2002

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It just kind of perturbs me when someone who never goes to a bar (yeah, right) happens to see all of these underage drinkers. Did you card them? If not maybe you should try a career in law enforcement so you can.

If Saddam Hussein is as dangerous as President Bush says he is, it is the world, especially Iraq's close neighbors, in danger, not just the United States. It should be a major aim of diplomacy to unite the world to replace Saddam before he acquires the means to be even more dangerous. A return of UN weapons inspectors could be helpful if they are properly backed up this time. If, however, diplomacy fails, the United States must not act unilaterally, since such action would, to many people, prove the sentiment that it is the United States, not Iraq, that endangers the world. Our "live and let live" consensus is inconceivable to many. If the world cannot see the danger that Saddam poses, our only choice is to wait until his actions are so dangerous to world peace that a broad based anti-Saddam consensus emerges. Certainly, such a delay might be dangerous. But will there not be unforeseeable dangers in unilateral action also? I am a veteran of two wars.

I collect souvenir spoons but need another spoon holder. Does anybody know where I can buy one? Please put the information in SpeakOut.

I would like to SpeakOut about New Madrid. For many years, I have believed that New Madrid needed a flood wall like Cape Girardeau has. I have not mention one person mention a flood wall and with the way the Mississippi River rises, you people need a good flood wall, starting north of the city and going south of Noranda. Make it good and high and really make it where it will meet earthquake standards and all that stuff. This will take a long time and a lot of tax money, but you're welcome to my tax money for a project like that. It is long overdue.

A note about "Harry Potter." I just had a wonderful idea that I wanted to share. Why don't we all become members of Miner Baptist so we can all believe in what they tell us to believe in and read only the books that they tell us we can read. Baptist-ism, communism - what's the difference? I have a news flash for you people. The name of the library is Sikeston "Public" Library and is supported by the taxpayers of the community. It is not Miner Baptist Public Library, supported by taxes of the Miner Baptist congregation. Up until a few years ago, Miner was nothing but a bunch of library freeloaders (tax-wise). Do you really think the citizens of Sikeston would even think about letting you control the selection of reading material at the library? Do you think your belief is the only one that exists? If so, I suggest you take a refresher course in World Religion 101. Personally, I do not care for programs such as "Judgement House," an extravagant but feeble attempt to scare people into believing the way you do. But guess what? I don't go. If you do not like Harry Potter books, do not read them. If you do not like Harry Potter movies, do not watch them. If you do not like Harry Potter programs, do not participate in them. It is really that simple. You know, the freedom to choose. Our forefathers fought diligently to create a free country. If you prefer communism, it is alive and well, but not in America. I'm proud to be an American where I know I'm free to make my own choice.