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Speakout 7/9

Friday, July 9, 2004

According to the news, people continue to worship at the feet of the intellectuals of Southeast Missouri State University who feel that, because they are an official state "think tank," they don't have to provide a cost-effective service. One alumnus is being praised for making the change of the school's trademark less traumatic. Big deal! Before you know it, Notre Dame's Fighting Irish will have to become the Fighting Temptations and SIU's logo will have to be changed from Saluki to Snoopy fighting the Red Baron.

SEMO's tuition and fees next fall will be $160 per credit hour, compared to around $100 for Three Rivers (and that is out of our district) at the Sikeston Higher Education Center. Three Rivers' other fees aren't as high and their admission requirements aren't unreasonable. I think more collaboration with TRCC of Poplar Bluff should be sought. I'm sure they have a few elitists, but their course offerings seem to be more useful in earning a living and their instruction more practical. Or does Sikeston want to assist in building its own ivory tower at SAHEC?

Editor's note: On May 25, SpeakOut ran an article about why VNA employees were allowed to bring their children to work with them. Some investigation indicates that the workers were there visiting friends and family and were not on duty at the time. We apologize for implying otherwise.

There is a huge ripoff taking place in America, and something should be done to stop it. The drug companies are taking advantage of sick Americans by charging more and more for life saving medications which were exorbitant to begin with. The corporate thieves claim it's because the cost of research and development is going up. I can't believe they're still trying to put this lie over on us. The majority of research is paid for by U.S. taxpayers through universities, institutes and foundations, not by the drug companies. For those of you who are healthy today, you just wait. Your day is coming, and then you'll be angry, too. Rise up, people, and let your voices be heard. There is one drug lobbyist for every member of Congress, and these corporations pour millions into political campaigns. We must speak up and let the politicians know how we feel and that we're onto them.

The city inspectors of Sikeston are beginning to let this city look like the old parts of Sunset. A lot of areas that used to be nice are not so nice anymore. They need to inspect closer.

Hey, Code Enforcement, you need to drive down the 300 block of William Street. That is a disgrace in the city of Sikeston. Something needs to be done about that. I don't know who owns it, but whoever owns it, it is a blue house. You need to do something about it.