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SpeakOut 7/9

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

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The people whose names don't appear in the paper after drug busts are usually the people who turned on their so called friends.

Retirement accounts in California lost $500 million, $300 million lost in retirement funds in New York state. All from the corruption at WorldCom, better known as MCI. Then President Bush comes on TV and says that MCI should not fudge the books. Mr. Bush, please listen up. Hiding $3 billion in expenses and executive privileges is not fudging the books, it is called corruption down here in Missouri. Wonder what we should call $100,000 WorldCom just gave you last month for a dinner meeting? First you are a buddy with Enron and now you and Trent Lott are with WorldCom. How disappointing.

Why is it always just one bar in this town with so many problems? They need to be checking into all the bars in town to see what is going on with whom.

I don't understand why people are always calling Speakout to complain about Charter Communication. They offer excellent, excellent channels. The digital is great. I don't understand. What do people want? Great people work there, helpful people. You just got to give us a chance. We are here to serve you. We provide great service. It doesn't make any sense? If you have a satellite and the wind blows, you lose everything. Be thankful that we do have Charter Communications here in this town and we do provide the excellent cable service we provide.

Wake up East Prairie. East Prairie paid a city administrator also an assistant to the administrator also a mayor. What a big joke. They pay several policemen to scan little old East Prairie and now they bring cameras to watch over the gazebo and the parking lot and city hall. Come on East Prairie. Do you know where our tax money is going, going, going? Easy money for some. Ha! We will probably have to raise taxes again to pay for all these people. Wake up East Prairie.

To the person who called about the gossip in Vanduser. I live there. I know. If they didn't wag their tongues, they would have to drink since they drink their own dribble.

I would like to compliment the City of East Prairie, Sylvie Barker and Mike Ryan on the wonderful job they did on organizing the first Tour de Corn bicycle ride in East Prairie. It was wonderfully organized. The rest stops were great. The food was great. You had two types of Gatoraid at every rest stop. Very well done. The only problem is some of us haven't practiced bicycle riding for years and this morning I am walking bow-legged. It is not good!