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Speakout 7/7

Sunday, July 7, 2002

Do these farmers' insurance where the guys who work for them go to hauling corn and wheat or other produce they have. Does their insurance cover any other people that they have ride with them who aren't working for the farmers?

I was sitting here watching the six o'clock news on Channel 12 and they show a lady over Urbana, Ill., who had her house damaged in the flood and she gets a check from the federal government for $489. Any how a few days later she gets a notice she has to give it back. To get to the point. Since she is just a homeowner and not a business, I guess the flood didn't hurt her income so she has to give it back. How much money will the farmers in that county have to give back? I doubt if they have to give anything back. I'm sure this woman's loss is just as important to her as a farmer's crop or a business closing as anything is. It is a shame.

I read in the Post paper from St. Louis where welfare recipients went to Washington to protest the dwindling available of government housing and Section 8 HUD housing. They said they would be homeless when the free housing was gone. What about the working poor who make too much money for government assistance but don't make enough money to pay their bills. We are already a paycheck away from being homeless but no one cares if you have a job. The same thing goes for health care. I have worked all my life and paid in my share of taxes, I have helped make it possible for able-bodied, lazy welfare trash to have decent housing and medical attention when my children and myself can't afford to go to the doctor or the drug store. When I needed medical attention, I was refused help. I pay my taxes and I can't get help. I think these welfare people should get a job or do without just like the working poor do. They should be sick and homeless if they don't want to work. I don't mean the elderly or the disabled, they need help and that it is what it is there for, not the lazy bums who abuse the system. All able-bodied people should be responsible for themselves and their families, not depending on working people to take care of them. What is good for one should be good for all. Either everyone get a job, or everyone be on welfare. There is something wrong with our system.

Just a thought with the political campaigns beginning in New Madrid County, remember when you hear something negative about a candidate, consider the source. Be sure to vote. If you don't, the person who should be elected might not be and the bills that should pass, might not.

I'm calling about the Speakout article under tourism money. It seems that the people in Sikeston they are all concerned about the money that is generated by the motels in Miner and they are really concerned about trying to consolidate with Miner where they can get their hands on that tax money. If, or when, that ever happens I would like to see how much tax money is spent for anything in Miner versus how much is spent in Greenbriar or other multi-million dollar subdivisions. It sounds like somebody is just a bit pissed off because there is a little bit of money being generated out here. They sit up there in their quarter-million dollar homes and worry about it all they want to but we will just sit out here and handle our tax money the way we want to and Sikeston can handle theirs.