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Terrorists will not stop celebrations

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

For all the wrong reasons, this is a special Fourth of July. Still suffering national shell-shock from Sept. 11, Americans will celebrate in ways both large and small tomorrow. Perhaps it's our collective way of showing our determination against those who wish us harm. Or perhaps most of use have little way of personally combatting terrorism so we just go on with our lives. Either way, it should be a special day.

In many ways it seems that we are being bombarded from both within and outside of our borders. We're still reeling from a despicable display of ignorance by a court who ruled the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. Of all times, these idiots are trying to tell us that two words make a tradition of unity and honor unconstitutional? How absurd.

On another internal front, a federal court held the death penalty illegal this week because of the perception that too many innocent people have been executed. And yet the numbers clearly indicate otherwise. This - in my opinion at least - is yet another internal assault on the majority rule in this nation.

Those charged with the security of this great nation will surely be on high alert tomorrow in fear that terrorists will use this important American holiday as an excuse for more murder. We solemnly pray that prediction never comes true. And yet if it does do we as a nation have the resolve to respond with the force of the most powerful nation in the world? I'm less than convinced we do and how I hope I'm wrong.

I'm sick and tired of playing nursemaid to a world who too often rewards our generosity with criticism for our over-indulgence. We send billions of our tax dollars, earned by you and by me, to nations who could care less if our country survives. We prop up the economies of many who clearly call us their enemy. And then the liberal bleeding hearts wonder why we can't do more?

It's time for the rest of the world to recognize and appreciate the position held by this benevolent country - a country that cherishes freedom at virtually any cost. We stand poised this very day to resolve conflicts in the Middle East and between India and Pakistan though we have much more at stake to lose than to gain by this position. And yet we take the path that is right and just and fair. In return we receive scorn and condemnation.

Wave a flag tomorrow and thank those who continue to make this nation free each and every day. And to hell with those who would bring this great nation to her knees. They can try as they might but they will fail. Our nation makes this pledge today, tomorrow and for all of the tomorrows to come.

Happy July 4th fellow Americans. Take a bow. You deserve it!

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