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Election monitoring by U.N. isn't needed

Sunday, July 4, 2004

I was furious this morning when I read where nine members of the United States House of Representatives have asked the United Nations to monitor the upcoming presidential elections in this country. This misguided effort is nothing more than an attempt - and an obvious one - to rehash the presidential election of 2000 when chaos in Florida sent the process in a spin.

But let's look at facts and not politics. The reason for the confusion in Florida was because massive numbers of voters tried to vote without having registered, tried to vote in a precinct other than the one in which they were registered or who failed to provide any identification to prove they were indeed who they said. Now these are the facts gained from reading detailed reports on the voting snafu in that crucial election.

These lawmakers who are trying to split this nation are members of the party who lost the presidential election in 2000. That too is a fact. By calling for United Nations' monitoring they are essentially telling the world that our election process if flawed beyond repair. Well maybe they need to gaze into a mirror to find the problem.

St. Louis was just as chaotic as Florida in 2000. And who is to blame. Again, look at the facts. St. Louis urban voters themselves created mass confusion by ignoring rules that have been long established in order to vote. That confusion created delays in trying to rectify their mistakes and that created additional confusion. The problem was not informed voters who did what the law says and registered and then voted where they were supposed to. No the problem was created by people who have not followed any of the rules. And then they want to claim they were disenfranchised.

No one was denied the right to vote. Those who were denied the opportunity to vote had ignored the process by which we assure fair and accurate elections. Those who claim otherwise are just wrong but they carry this battle again this year because they cannot accept facts and truth.

If there is not organization in the voting process then surely chaos will follow. That organization includes registering and voting where you are registered. To change that process would open the door to abuse unlike any in the history of this great nation.

Here's the bottom line. If you want to vote and you want your vote to count, just follow the rules. Do what the law says.

If there is indeed a conspiracy to control the voting process, then those who are crying the loudest should examine their supporters and make some assurance that they follow the rules. Calling for UN monitors is a publicity stunt that undermines the foundation of this nation. Their stunt may not be treason but it comes dangerously close.

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