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The focus of world turns to war, Iraq

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The world may record today's date among the most important in our history. Or perhaps tomorrow's date. Regardless, before the ink has dried on this column our nation will be engaged in a conflict that could set the stage for the path of world peace into the future. By most accounts, our actions in Iraq should be swift and decisive. But those actions will most surely come with a price.

It's important now that we remain united as a nation. That does not exclude dissent and opposition to our actions in the Mideast. But though dissent has a time and place, I believe it remains imperative that our nation speak with one voice at this critical time and stand united against those forces that promise us harm. And let there be no doubt, there are those who want to bring the downfall of our nation.

Today the focus is on Iraq. Tomorrow it could well be North Korea. Or Indonesia. But a freedom loving people must respond to those forces that abhor freedom and who seek to bring the downfall of those who do. If not America then who? If not now then when?

Our mundane world will be upset in the coming hours and days. We will witness in living color that which has been brewing for a decade or more. In so many ways, it will not be pretty nor easy to watch. After all, it's lives we're talking about. Flesh and blood on both sides of this conflict. But freedom is built on such actions.

For those who argue a case has not been made against the tyranny of Iraq, you're not listening or you simply choose not to believe. Evil goes by different names throughout history. Yet the one constant is that evil will flourish when good men sit by and fail to act. History proves that time and time again.

I do not believe that America is immune to making mistakes. Vietnam, in many ways, was a mistake. But it was a mistake for all of the right reasons. Iraq, quite frankly, is an easier decision. There is ample evidence that the tyrannical forces of Iraq have the means to bring chaos to this world. All they lack is the time. We must assure that they are not provided that time or we must be willing to pay the price for that apathy and inaction. Given that choice, the decision to remove Saddam Hussein is an easy one.

As a person who follows the political arena with some interest, I fully recognize the posturing that conflict brings. But Tom Daschle has crossed a line that is unforgivable. The minority leader has done a great disservice to his party and his country by fueling the fires of discontent for political gain. His repulsive and repugnant rhetoric pushes the limits of freedom to the breaking point. In short, Tom Daschle is the very worst part of the partisan political process in this nation. And when the smoke clears, we should all remember the dastardly words spoken by this sickening little creature.

In hours perhaps, we'll all be glued to the television screens watching history unfold before our eyes. Tragedy has a way of attracting our interest because, in this case, our future is at stake. And given that fact, we should all take an active interest in the events of the world.

All that now remains is prayer - prayer for those who defend our freedom and prayer for those innocent victims who have been brought to this point in history by a madman. In the coming hours, Iraq will undoubtedly unleash the weapons of mass destruction they have long promised did not exist. The irony, of course, is that it will take war to prove what so many have known for so long. Those who advocated more dialogue and more inspections will soon be proven fatally wrong. It's tragic that it will take these actions to show the world that Saddam Hussein has lied from the very beginning. But that is about to happen.

God bless America!

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