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SpeakOut 3/19

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Call 471-6636

It's about 5 p.m. Saturday and I'm driving through Garden of Memories Cemetery and noticed all the low spots and ruts. Now I see why. They have a contractor out there who has a 4-wheel drive pickup and dump trailer that's way too much size for these kind of grounds. They don't have any consideration about running over our loved ones' graves or knocking the markers down. Someone needs to address management about this, but I doubt they would do anything.

Call Garden of Memories at 471-4089 and register your complaint with the manager.

Don't the people who are protesting the war with Iraq realize they're going to be the same people to ask why didn't Bush do something when they attack us again, just like 9/11? War is not good, but sometimes you have to do unto others. These people can't be trusted. Hussein looks evil. He looks like he's lying. But these protesters will be the same ones who holler if we don't do something; they didn't have to go to war and have men, women and children lost. People should stop and think before they protest. Let's be Americans and not traitors.

Maybe if they disarm Saddam Hussein we could send Mr. Bush to Iraq to take his job. Wouldn't that be great! Also, maybe they are looking for bin Laden in the wrong places. Maybe he's living in the White House with Mr. Bush. Maybe they should look.

I believe war is the answer to the problems with Iraq.

I've always been of the impression that caseworkers who work for Family Services or welfare, or whatever you want to call it, I've always had the impression they were educated people and very intelligent. It seems to me they're not. If they had done their jobs checking up on some of these people, there wouldn't be the welfare fraud that we have in this country. Can someone tell me how you can beat the system? We who try to do right, try to be honest, it seems like we just don't get a break. Can someone tell me how to beat the system? Then maybe I can get some help on some things that I need in life. I think they should investigate some of these caseworkers and see what kind of job they're doing because there is just too much fraud. I believe our state and our government should start cracking down.

Who is Gephardt to say whether a flag should be flown or not?

To the older wealthy 5 percent in this country, young people will have their very lives on the line if war happens in Iraq. What are you contributing? Money is a small thing to give, besides blood and guts. Since our economy is so bad, how about coming out strong to forget the tax cut, which will help the country and the war effort.

Maybe some of those wealthy older citizens gave their blood during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. And maybe you should try thinking before you open your mouth.

It's getting a little tiresome. You're worrying about if the Bush family has some money. At least they worked from nothing years ago and got something. Old pie-face Clinton never worked a day in his lying life but sat in some government hand-out office with taxpayer dollars. He had plenty of time to travel around and do every woman he could. About spending money, why don't you mention about Clinton's wife and daughter traveling the world all the while he was in office? Who paid? Us. How about $500 haircuts? Is that supposed to make him handsome? How about the Kennedy money made years ago by bootlegging? We're still supporting fat Kennedy in the Senate. For the do-nothing, sounds like your little brain is functioning where the moon don't shine.