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Speakout 9-4

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Does SpeakOut ever have reprints of comments that have been made in the last four months, from May through June and July? If it does, I would like to see some. I would like to cut them out and put them in a scrapbook.

With the volume of SpeakOut calls that come in, there would be no time or space to rerun specific comments. However, if you want to come by the Standard Democrat, you can look through the binders and see which SpeakOut calls you're interested in and purchase a newspaper for those days.

It's probably just me, but has anyone noticed some farmhands who wear the same clothes three and four days at a time? They don't look like they take bath very often. I know they have running water, and maybe even hot water.

I'd like to apologize for my fellow Democrat who called President Bush stupid. He was wrong. He is not stupid. He is downright ridiculously ignorant. So let's get that straightened out right now. He mentioned people back in the second grade. They'd have to drop him down two grades to hit start. So let's get all this straight. And the idiot who put all the "d" words in there to describe the Democrats, I found two words and I had to borrow one from another because there are so many "r-words" that I didn't want to take up so much time putting them in there. But Republicans are ridiculously ignorant and this also goes for Michael Jensen, publisher of the paper, and may he put this in there because I think we should have fair play about it all.

How can I contact Rep. Dick Gephardt?

You can contact U.S. Rep. Richard Gephardt (District 3) at: 1226 Longworth Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20515 (phone 202-225-2671); or his district offices at 11140 S. Towne Square, Room 201, St. Louis, Mo. 63123 (phone 314-894-3400); or 998 E. Gannon Drive, Festus, Mo. 63028 (phone 636-937-6399).

I know of a disabled man who is in need of couch with a hide-away bed. If anyone has one to give away, you can call 471-0724.

The person who was talking about the house being torn down because of termites, our house has termites and roaches and is rotten to the core and should be torn down too.

Can someone please tell me when the Scott County Historical Society will have the books? The deadline to order was the end of March. I would think they would be published by now.

We contacted the Society with your question. "The Scott County Family History Book is now in the process of being edited for publication. The deadline was for ordering at a discount pre-publication price as well as the submissions for the family histories that will be included in the book. At this time, due to the many histories that were submitted, the publication date will depend on the length of time for editing. The book may still be ordered at the discounted price until it is published. The Scott County Historical and Genealogy Society is grateful to the many families and businesses that submitted their history and will offer the book for sale after it is published. If anyone would like to purchase before publication they may contact any member of the society." Caryl Hairston, secretary, 471-5872.

I see where ex-Gov. Hearnes in Charleston tells them how to get the facts without voter approval by using lame-duck politicians so they'll vote for the tax. They know they don't have to ask the people in their home district because they're on their way out, anyway. That's pretty low, I think. The people have spoken, Mr. Hearnes, so you sit down and be quiet and go back to golfing.