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Your View 6/17

Monday, June 17, 2002

The article I just read in the Your View section of opinion in the on-line Standard Democrat is one of the best explanations of the farming subsidy necessity I have read in a long time. It is personal and well explained. I would like to congratulate the author.

I can't believe the majority of people don't understand the need for corporate welfare. The price of goods versus the average wage allows most people to have a telephone, a square meal or two a day (the part about free lunches tied to farm subsidies was good info) and most of all, the things we take for granted.

I agree it is a great big man corporate world out there but it is what allows us to live like we do. Look at pictures from some of the less corporate nations in the world. Go live like that awhile. It is not all palm-lined beaches and cocktails in the sun.

Gary Dunn

Houston, Texas

The New Madrid and Pemiscot County (34th Judicial Circuit) would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the local businesses who sponsored our dinner on May 23.

Food donations were provided by Rosie's Restaurant, Pro Pizza, Taster's Restaurant, Wink's Texaco, Phillips 66-Marston Fuel Stop, Hardee's, Prairie Farms, Dave's Grocery Store and Gary's Restaurant in New Madrid County. Pemiscot County food donations were provided by Pizza for Less, Little Pizza Heaven, Pizza Hut, Sav-A-Lot and the Caruthersville Country Club.

Door prizes were provided by the following businesses: In New Madrid County, those donating were: McDonald's Restaurant, Davis Pharmacy, Dollar General, Office Max, Ramey Grocery Store, New Madrid Museum, P&G Quick Sak, Portageville Garden Center, Delta Growers Association, Baker's Big Star, Wal-Mart, Johnson's Food Mart, Pilot, Sikeston Outlet Mall, Sandy's Hallmark, Lambert's Cafe, Katie's Diner, Martindale Chevrolet, Fred's Dollar Store, Sentimental Journey, Julie's Flower Basket, Short Cuts and City Jewelry and Pawn. Those donating in Pemiscot County were: Turnage's, Joplin's, Heartland Collectibles, Jiffy Jim's, Sanders, Hays Grocery, Caruthersville Rec Center, Curtis' Cafe, Maw's Kitchen, Blimpie's, The store, Casino Aztar, The Roundhouse, Bank of Hayti, Hayden's Pharmacy and Sonic.

We are very grateful for all the donations and the dinner was a great success. If you are interested in more information about our Foster/Adoptive Parent Program, please feel free to contact Kathy Palmer, Family Development Specialist at (573) 748-5533.

If Sikeston ever hopes to change, they must do it during the new government change. I have read the on-line article but have not followed the process in detail.

I just want to say if you don't give the west end of town a legitimate say in what is going on, you will wither and die on the vine. If you want to use streets, use Main and Malone for quarters but give Sunset a chance. I am a conservative who does not believe in quotas or any kind of the current "equalizing" programs. The people of color in Sikeston have never gotten a break. I lived there for almost 19 years and never understood the mentality of us against them. Most of the perps of crimes are 15 to 30 for those folks. Is that any different from the other side of the story? No.

As we get older we either grow or just sit and bitch. The folks in Sunset (and I mean the people who just live a life without trauma) need to voice their opinions and help the police. You have a chance with the new ward thing.

In conclusion, I love Sikeston and it has more potential than it realizes. I come back to visit and just wonder how long you can hang on.

Gary Dunn,

Houston, Texas

On May 4, I was parked at the Wal-Mart store in your town to do some shopping in Wal-Mart. When I came out of the store, my car would not start.

I walked back to the automotive department and asked for help. They said if I would bring the car around, they would look at it. I told them it would not start.

A gentleman said he would look at the car. He tried to jump-start it - no go. He took out the battery and we went back and I bought a new one, which he installed. I think his name was Gary Yant. I would like to thank him very much for the time he took out of his day to help me. I tried to pay him but he would take no money.

Thank you again.

Shirley Gramprie,

Osceola, Ark.