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No easy solutions to losing weight

Thursday, September 19, 2002

"Since the beginning of time, man has looked for easy ways to avoid difficult tasks."

At long last the federal government has decided to crack down on the deceptive weight-loss gimmicks that plague this country. With an estimated 65 percent of the population overweight, these snake oil salesmen obviously have a willing market to attack. Unfortunately, their messages are filled with lies.

Since the beginning of time, man has looked for easy ways to avoid difficult tasks. Losing weight is now the national vogue. But though most people recognize that weight loss requires diet modification and exercise, far too many people look for that quick fix. Truth be told, it doesn't exist.

The Federal Trade Commission this week said that over half of the weight-loss advertisements are false and misleading. And the remainder offer limited benefits at best. In other words, if it seems too good to be true it undoubtedly is.

Late night infomercials prey on those who lack the common sense to realize these products are useless. And since consumers spent an estimated $35 billion on weight-loss products last year, there's big bucks in the weight-loss business.

You would think that we are smarter than this. But the reality is that far too many people believe this gullible garbage and look for a quick fix and easy solution where there is none. The truth is that many of these products are unsafe in addition to being useless for weight loss.

The federal government all too often oversteps their bounds and tries to tell us how to live our lives. But in this instance, the FTC took the right steps to rid this nation of the modern day snake oil promoters. It's high time.

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