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Speakout 11/28

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I got my taxes the other day and can you tell me whose health insurance I am paying? It's certainly not mine. Why do we pay someone's health insurance when they can't pay? Let them pay their own insurance. City or county, that's not right. I would like for someone to pay my insurance, too. And why do we pay a school tax? We don't have no school kids in school. And why do some pay more than others? Would you please answer these questions for me?

This is about the comment for the tipping at the Ryan's. In the etiquette book it says if you are serving yourself, you only pay the server for the drinks that they bring you since you are getting up and getting your own food. I think if you give $1 that's a little bit more than 15 percent more than what a drink costs. I do tip my $1 because I wouldn't leave 20 cents for the two percent of what a drink costs.

I want to answer some of the questions from a previous SpeakOut caller. First, the liberals got beat in Congress and the Democrats control Congress. Now unless unlimited spending, unpaid for multi-billion dollar social programs charged to our grandchildren, unmatched growth of government both in size and power, seizure of our rights given by the Constitution even the great writ habeas corpus, our sons' and daughters' lives along with the wealth of the country thrown on the desert sands by deceivers whose corruption is indeed breath taking, unless those things are now conservative, I was raised to believe those things were liberal traits. Perhaps the caller should get his dictionary. I could go on but Mike can't spare the room and the previous caller probably wouldn't understand my answer anyway. Maybe he should study Ronnie Reagan and his boys. The ones who armed Iran. Remember Iran Conquer. He should focus on some of those Republicans who got pardoned by other Republicans and didn't go to the pen like some of their heroes. Remember Ollie North. Thank you.

Hello, I had a garage sale two weeks ago. I live on Tanglewood. A gentleman bought a Bethlehem village from me. I had inadvertently left the cord for the village out. If he will call me at 471-4956, I will be happy to get the cord to him.

If there's anyone in the local area, who repairs vacuum cleaners, please put your number in SpeakOut.

In the yellow pages of the phone book under "Vacuum Cleaners Repair and Service," you will find three listings.

I have lost a dog and I was wanting to see if anyone has found him. He's a white cocker spaniel with gold ears, with a spot on his side. He has been in our family for years and years. The grandkids are really missing him. If anybody has him, can you please return him to 315 East Gladys? He is like a family member and we have been searching for days and days and we can't find him. The dog pound don't have him and we have been looking everywhere. Please help us find him. Call 471-1055 if anyone has seen him. We would thank anyone who would return him and probably give a reward. We are looking very hard for him. He answers to the name of Shorty.