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Drug sweeps should continue in Sikeston

Thursday, July 1, 2004

This morning's drug sweep in Sikeston should serve as yet another reminder that our community means business when it comes to drug dealing. For quite some time now, citizens have been adamant that those dealing drugs must be held accountable and Public Safety has responded in strong fashion.

Drugs may not be the number one problem in our community but the culture that supports drugs seeps into all aspects of community life here. Other communities fight the battle daily just as Sikeston does but it takes constant pressure to remove that element from our community.

Drug dealers prey on an element of society that can least afford it. And if drug dealing goes unchecked, it brings more players onto the scene and the downward spiral picks up speed. The only way to address this problem is through consistent and strong police action. And then the courts come into play when it's time to send a message to others in the drug business.

Critics complain that our prisons are overcrowded with minor drug offenders. But if you'll pay close attention to court actions - and we do - you'll see that those sentenced to prison are almost exclusively in the business of drug dealing. The minor players and users of drugs rarely pay the most severe price.

Aren't you sick of the young thugs who drive around in the fancy cars but who have no job or means of support? With few exceptions, these bandits sell drugs to support their lifestyle. They flash money like it was water and in an odd and perverse way, they hold the respect of their neighborhood, especially the younger members of their neighborhood.

We would not mind if a drug sweep were conducted monthly in our community. And we'll look forward to the day when these police actions are unnecessary. When that day arrives, our community will be safer.

The next step of course is for police to continue to follow the food chain of drug dealing and eventually get to the source. That day will arrive. It's just a matter of time.

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