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SpeakOut 12/2

Monday, December 2, 2002

Call 471-6636

In response to "Check before you buy," I am part-owner of this business and I find that article ridiculous. Our company consists of service, sales, wrecker service, out of state vehicle recovery and on occasion we've been known to deliver vehicles bought from us. My husband is a jack of all trades, and since our company is so diversified and soon to be celebrating its 10th year of business, he's obviously mastered them all. You should check your facts before making comments on subjects you obviously do not understand, because insurance companies will issue salvage titles for vehicles with little to no damage to vehicles. I guess you didn't understand how to purchase a people. You need to grow up. We are not in business to educate the pubic.

What kind of sick, twisted parent would encourage their daughter to accuse a male and not expect the male to defend himself?

To the person looking for turnips, call 471-6856 and leave a message and we'll give you directions as to how to find the turnips.

I'd like to know what determines the trips and the awards at Charleston R-1. I live in the country and don't have anyone connected in the school, but it's ridiculous just to pick certain kids.

I want all of Sikeston to listen up. I was talking to a lady the other day about an apartment to rent. I was told that starting Dec. 1 of this year, the city of Sikeston is going to start charging a $15 application inspection fee. What's the reason behind this? I am a taxpayer and I do well working for minimum wage and trying to keep my rent and utilities paid. The city gets enough money, don't they? Or are they just trying to fill their pockets a little more? I am mad about this. They send someone out in a truck just sitting and looking. They don't even get out. I wouldn't call this inspecting when they're just driving by. We need to stick together on this and not pay for application fees. Let the owners do this. After all, they're sitting back getting fatter on thousands of dollars a month they collect on rent. I wonder what they would do if we picketed city hall. Call the police and lock us up? Would they also charge us $15 a night to spend in the city jail? I'm going to call KFVS-TV and have them down here to talk with the owners, managers and of course, city hall, and I'm sure they'd have all the answers. One more thing I'd like to SpeakOut on and then I'll be quiet. A week or so ago in SpeakOut, evidently they contacted the gas company, and they told us they do not have a local telephone number. Well, SpeakOut lied, the gas company lied because the number is 471-9919, but SpeakOut probably won't put the phone number in the paper. I would like for this to be in the Wednesday paper for all Sikeston citizens to read.

Part one: We published a story on Oct. 3 concerning the rental inspection fees. For more information, you should contact City Hall at 471-2512 or attend a Sikeston City Council meeting. These meetings are open to the public. Part two: No, SpeakOut didn't lie, nor did the gas company. In contacting ATMOS today, we were informed that the 471-9919 number is for local use but is not listed in the phone books. The toll-free customer service number 1-888-824-3434 provides 24 hour service, seven days a week and calls are dispatched to the local office. If an emergency arises (such as a gas leak or if you smell gas) the toll-free number is 1-800-556-5469, which is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ATMOS encourages use of the toll-free line because calls are immediately dispatched to where they need to go. If you call the local number, the representative has to take down your information and then call the same number they ask you to call to relay the same message, which takes more time and means it will be longer before they are able to serve you

Now that the crops are out of the field and Thanksgiving is here, it's time for North Scott County Commission to consider cleaning out the Northcutt Ditch. We all know it needs to be cleaned. Come on. Let's do it, guys.