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SpeakOut 10/23

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Call 471-6636

To wrote about the Portageville team in SpeakOut, they have a great team. I used to live in Portageville. They have someone else who helps that team out. He's very good and a very good influence. His name is Mr. Ashley Swims. The team's coach is good too, but Mr. Swims is never mentioned in the paper and he's a big asset to that team. We need to give him some thanks too.

I have a pre-teen son who would like to earn a little extra money. To the woman in Morehouse who is looking for someone to rake her yard (or anyone else who needs help with yard work), our number is 472-0930.

I have called SpeakOut several times and it seems like my comments never get in. I guess it's because I call about Republicans (and sometimes Democrats). I'm of neither party. But on the St. John's Bayou deal, at the flood gate close to the levy, in 1993 President Clinton did give the money for that and the Corps of Engineers approved it. But who fought against it? The two who are really bragging now, Bond and Emerson. I don't know about Talent. Talent seems like he's a pretty good fellow and is doing a good job. But Clinton and them had the money. The first time money was given, they shut it down. Now they're trying to be heroes? No way, Jose! They're not. I'm glad they're getting it put in because I farm down there. But Emerson and Bond had nothing to do with it but take it away.

I live in a residential neighborhood. How can people get permits to play live concerts in a residential area at Cronies until midnight, when children and people around town have an ordinance law which will get them fined. Some of the people in this area do work and have children. This is not appreciated.

Christians are like people carrying around a candle in the darkness. Some have very bright flames that show the way for many. Some just have a flicker of a flame that show the way for themselves and those very close to them. Some keep their candles hidden until they run into an obstacle, taking it out only long enough to get around the obstacle. Some have snuffed out their candles altogether and risk getting lost themselves. This is a very dark world we live in. Non-Christians do not have candles and they need your light.