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Placing the blame for faulty products

Thursday, August 30, 2007

You gotta give it to the Chinese. Those billion or so fine folk are now saying that the recall of millions upon millions of Chinese-made products is exposing a "protectionist agenda" by the United States. Guess what Beijing? You're right!

We should have a protectionist agenda in this country. We should try every means possible to protect our citizens against anything and everything that can potentially bring harm. And if that's wrong, then the world is upside down.

The state media in China on Wednesday tried to spread the blame for the recall of Chinese-made toothpaste, pet food, tires, seafood, toys and lethal chemicals that found their way into medicine.

But their argument is disingenuous at best. At worst it's just another lie to take the heat off of their products.

But I will admit that the news report does have one major point. The Chinese officials said that Mattel Inc. and others who produce products in China should share the blame. On that point, they are absolutely correct.

Mattel and thousands of other companies turn to China because of cheap labor. They most certainly don't go there for superior products. The workers are paid next to nothing which lowers the cost for Mattel which in turns increases their profits. I would urge every investor to make certain not one penny of their funds are invested in Mattel until that company returns our jobs and our safety to this country.

But hidden deep inside this Chinese government report is one little tidbit I found fascinating. It seems the Chinese share a common problem with the United States. The Chinese complain they have trouble finding workers. You would think a country with a billion or so resident population would not have trouble finding a willing work pool. But apparently that's the case. Yet isn't it ironic - or obvious - that no illegal immigrants are flocking to China to take those jobs the Chinese refuse to accept?

I said it before. It do not blame the Chinese for sending us dangerous or inferior merchandise. I blame the companies that contract with the Chinese in the name of higher profits. And I blame American consumers for continuing to buy items made in China.

But the Chinese need to understand. They say we're "protectionists" like it's a bad thing. They need to learn that we believe in protecting our people.

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Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen