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SpeakOut 11/14

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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I attended a court proceeding that not only left me sickened and appalled, but very, very angry the way the judge handled it. The matter involved a man who engaged in sexual relations in an oral manner over 20 times with a male minor child. He pled guilty to that and to watching pornographic movies with this child. His sentence - two years in the Department of Corrections. Now I read in the paper last week where a man was sentenced to 15 years in the DOC for selling drugs. Both offenses are crimes, but the sentences were far from being called just. So tell me, where's the justice? It's definitely not in the county of Scott, state of Missouri, in the United States of America.

It is comical to read SpeakOut with all the partisan haters. The most recent is a Republican slinging mud at the Democrats. It is rather obvious he is part of the game problem, hate the other party and blame them for everything. Neither party is doing anything for the American people. Recently, they have been spending time on proclamations to do with other countries. No one is addressing the gas prices. They are still giving billions to foreign countries while working Americans are doing without healthcare. Crime rates in the US are all on an all time high, our borders are not secure, our children are being preyed upon by human predators, and still they can't find it in their hearts to make harsh, tough, new laws regarding this. The new defense bill is full of pork projects for both parties. Citizens can blame the parties until hell freezes over and nothing will change. Both parties need a wake up call. It would only take three or four elections with all incumbents getting voted out and maybe they might do something for the American people. So many people complain, "What can I do?" You can vote them out. Surely a new comer to an office can't do any worse than our present politicians are doing. There should be strict term limits for all offices. We should never let them feel secure and get their feet dug in. They make their own rules on term limits, pay raises and campaign contribution laws. Of course when an insurance company gives millions to their campaign they get something in return. The American people are to blame for this mess. We continue to blame them other party when they no longer even stand for what we believe in. We keep them in office rather than vote for someone else because they are the dreaded party. Democrat and Republican parties are not what they used to be 50 years ago. So go ahead and just blame the other party and continue to be part of the problem. Me, I want change.

I read in a local newspaper that Gov. Blunt said that education is his number one priority. That must be nice. It's a good thing that the Salvation Army is helping all these homeless people that don't have nothing to eat and go hungry. Thank God for the Salvation Army or there would be a lot of hungry people. Gov. Blunt forgets about the people that need help the worse, instead of all his high school and college people. The people that are paying the taxes are the ones that have a high school education, they didn't get the chance to college. He better change his ways and help the poor and forget about the rich.

I was calling for the lady I know, she got nurse of the year. I would like to congratulate her. Her name is Pamela Hampton. She is a very loving and caring person. She's very dependable. She works for VNA. She works non-

stop and puts everyone before herself. She works seven days a week. She worries about everybody but herself. I want to let her know that everybody in New Madrid and the surrounding area is thinking about her and want to congratulate her for a job well done.