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Your View: two views from 11/1

Friday, November 1, 2002

Many times a good deed is done and goes unrecognized.

Over the years, the Standard Democrat has publicized special events, charity dinners and other announcements for the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

We here at Auxiliary 3319 would like to publicly thank you for all you have done to help our charity dinners and special events. Thank you for getting the word out.

Bonnie Keith, Madam president Sikeston FOE 3319 Auxiliary

In the coming election there is an issue more important than the economy or Iraq. Abortion is the issue. Where do the candidates stand on abortion? Local and county races may not matter too much regarding this issue but Federal and State races do matter!

This is not a partisan issue because there are members of both major parties who divide on abortion. However, the Democratic Party does take a stand for legalized abortion in its platform. Some third parties are very Pro-Life.

There are people who say,"Well I'm against abortion but it's a woman's choice." Sounds like the slavery issue of pre- Civil War. People said, "I'm against slavery but it's up to the states." Back then the Supreme Court said slaves weren't humans. Roe v Wade in 1973 declared unborn babies in an unwanted pregnancy to be non babies- just a fetus.

Other folks say, "You can't legislate morality." Well, pray tell, what law doesn't legislate morality? Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

It pays to be informed as to how the candidates stand on abortion and other family values. Put partisan loyalty aside and vote your conscience. How can any born again Bible believing Christian vote for a candidate who believes abortion should remain legal or should be provided for by tax payer dollars? Think about it!

Richard D. Swift Bloomfield