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SpeakOut 9/17

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Call 471-6636

Is there a Big Lots in Hayti? I know there's one in Sikeston and that they sell a lot of food. I'd like to know what kind of food they sell and if there's one in Hayti.

There is no Big Lots store in Hayti. Big Lots sells a variety of pre-packaged and canned food items.

Once again, the Missouri Parole Board has decided to release a convicted murderer early in Dunklin County. When will this end? What do we have to do or who do we have to vote for to end this practice? Call Jefferson City at (573) 751-8488 and ask the Parole Board how many murderers are walking our streets right now.

I am a taxpayer of Matthews and have been for a long, long time. How can the city council and the mayor continue putting up with our police in this town who absolutely do nothing and are never around? I don't know how much longer we can pay for this in this town.

Can anybody tell me where I can find a copy of Missouri University football games, times, places, etc.? Please put the information in SpeakOut.

You can go to the University of Missouri's official athletic site at www.mutigers.com

For those who aren't following the senate race, other than in SpeakOut, I thought I should bring something to your attention. In one of the commercials, Jim Talent said he co-sponsored one of the first-ever bipartisan patient bill of rights. What they didn't tell you was that Talent actually sided with insurance companies when he voted for that. In every one of the bills bipartisan co-sponsors were Republicans. The ad also stated that Talent voted to make prescription drugs more affordable. They neglected to mention that he actually voted against a prescription drug plan that would benefit under Medicare. There is also one that Talent voted to eliminate the Department of Education. When you study the records, you probably will understand more about Jim Talent. The people of Missouri stated once that they didn't want him. They'll say that again on election day.

I cannot understand, if there are killer mosquitoes on the loose, why not have mosquito trucks spraying overtime or spray mosquito dope from planes. I'm aware that we cannot kill all of them, of course, but something should be done to try to help.

In response to mixed breed puppies, please check with AKC, ACA and APR. Some breeds such as french-pugs are registered dogs. Signs for all puppies are posted to what breed they are.

To the Department of Economic Development in Sikeston, we're really glad to hear that we have an Arby's coming to town, and an Applebee's and a new Sonic. Those are all fine and good for teen-agers. But what about a real job? What about a job that pays real money? Why don't we look for some manufacturing-based jobs to come to town? That would be better than restaurant work or even service work. Let's look for some manufacturing bases. Come on, guys, get with the program.