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SpeakOut 5/16

Friday, May 16, 2003

Call 471-6636

I agree with the soon to be former employees of Charter Communications. It looks pure and simple like they just slickered the City Council. After years of a temporary arrangement, when they finally get a permanent one for 10 years, immediately after that, they decide to close this office down. Somebody should have been wise to that?

I don't know what's wrong with the court system nowadays. They are very crooked. I have four children. I just lost one of my children who was picked up from his school in Sikeston, without permission, by my mother and father. He was then given an ex parte order against me, his father and his three little brothers. If anybody knows who I am talking about, and I know the neighbors do in Sikeston, this man and woman were considered highly dangerous (at least the man was) by the police department. But still he has been given rights and full custody of my little boy. These are the same people who came in and stole school pictures when they were visiting. They think they only have one grandchild, when they have three more. Who can I talk to so I can get some advice about what to do when grandparents are so obsessed with one particular grandchild that they come into their home and steal their school pictures, take their things and have them say things that aren't true. People like that shouldn't be allowed to even have children, when their own children don't even want to live with them. Has this happened to anybody else? Please help me find out what to do. I just want my little boy to know that his mommy, daddy and brothers miss him. People who are so obsessed with their grandchildren need help.

Have you contacted the Division of Family Services for advice? The number is 472-5222.

I would like to complain about the condition of the Garden of Memories Cemetery. The grass is grown up and is really being neglected. I would like for the owners or somebody to clean it up.

I went to Garden of Memories Cemetery on Mother's Day to visit my mother's grave. It's appalling the way this place looks. The grass hasn't been mowed, markers are covered with grass, you can see where some of the family members have come and mowed their own grass. If they have time to take care of the other two cemeteries, you would think they'd take the time to take care of ours. We have to pay $495 to get a grave dug and $995 on weekends. Something needs to be done about this. Call 471-4962 and talk to Deborah, the office manager at the cemetery. This needs to be put in a Wednesday paper so people can see what is going on. Maybe we should all get together and bring this issue to a City Council meeting.

I want to say thank you to the Sikeston Sav-A-Lot for sending us 50 pounds of lean ground beef so we can send it to our troops in Iraq. I don't mean for this to sound like a commercial, but they did us good.