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Speakout 6/29

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A news announcer on TV said Bill Clinton was at Ronald Reagan's funeral. I wonder if they'll give me a big deal like this when I die. Well, that will be easy to do. They had various preachers from different churches at Reagan's funeral. All they would have to do for Clinton's funeral is get some disgraced TV ministers like Bill Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart who committed adultery and some of the disgraced priests who molested children. They could get Hillary's girlfriends and Bill's women that he has slept with for a choir. They could use some of the men Clinton used in his crooked schemes for pallbearers. They could give him a big send-off. It would do him right.

Look how people respect our wildlife. Last week when I was riding my motorcycle in the Sikeston Complex, I noticed two little boys chasing a mother duck and her four or five baby ducks. They each had sticks and were clubbing the ducks while the parents were watching and didn't to anything about it. Let's have some respect for wildlife. The ducks are city property and these kids or their parents could get into some serious trouble.

I would like to thank my neighbor on County Line Road for saving my 4-week-old niece's life on Saturday night. Thank you, and you are welcome to come see her any time you want to.

I want to thank and compliment Mike Jensen for the wonderful article he put in the paper about Manuel Drumm. Manuel Drumm was a dear, dear friend to me. My name is Jim and I would go up there on the weekends and have coffee and talk with Manuel. I'm a poor person, I'm a poor man but he treated me like I was somebody. He was a very dear friend and I'm going to miss him very much. I just wanted to thank Mike for the wonderful article he published when Mr. Drumm passed away. I don't think I will ever know another human being who treated me and many people in my family as well as Mr. Drumm did. I'm so sorry we have lost him. I clipped the article out and have put it in my Bible. I will keep it.

Matthews had a Spring Fling beauty contest two or three months ago. Why haven't the pictures of the winners been printed in the paper?

It is up to pageant organizers to provide the photos for publication and we have not received the pictures of the winners. It is desirable to publish photos within a month after the pageant.

Will the lady who took my little white puppy outside from Quick Check on June 18 please bring it back to my house? I live at 216 Petroleum St.