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Hart powers Lewis to victory

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Fabrite catcher Ben Freed makes a throw to third base in Monday's game against Kiwanis
(Photo by Lance Hanlin, Staff)
SIKESTON -- Sikeston Area Youth Baseball was back in action on Monday night. Here are the results:


Lewis 3, Jaycees 2

Tim Hart was 3-for-3, leading Lewis to a 3-2 win over the Jaycees. Jeremiah O'Guinn, Logan Gilmore, Cody Rice and Stephen Beydler were all 2-for-3. For the Jaycees, Grissom and Rebstock were both 2-for-3 while Dicus was 2-for-4. Isaccs, Dicus and Kendle all threw in the loss. House of Color 5, Lions 3

Blaire and Stuart were both 3-for-3, leading House of Color to a 5-3 win. Logan and Jordan were both 2-for-3 and Evan was 1-for-2. Stuart and Blair both pitched in win, allowing a total of 10 hits with nine strikeouts. For the Lions, Smith, Branson and Howard were all 2-for-3.


Kiwanis 20, Fabrite 19

Kiwanis held off a strong fourth inning rally by Fabrite to squeak out a 20-19 victory. Alec Burden led Kiwanis at the plate, batting 2-for-4. Dillion Taylor and Caleb Pruitt both pitched in the win, allowing a total of five hits and 10 walks with four strikeouts.

For Fabrite, Ray Clark was 2-for-3. Josh Boese, Rodney Vinson and Bryan Freed all pitched in the loss. Elks 15, Steward Steel 4

The Elks saw hits from Williams, Brashear, Bird and Neal in a 15-4 victory. Martin and Justice threw for the Elks, allowing just one hit and three walks with 11 strikeouts. Will Holifield had Steward's only hit. Long, Kordall, Priday and Holifield all pitched in the loss.


Standard Democrat 14, Nunnelee 11

Hicks was 3-for-4 with a home run, leading Standard Democrat to a 14-11 victory. Williams and Northcut were both 2-for-3. Williams and Keefer both pitched in the win, striking out 14 batters.

For Nunnelee, Stanley scored three runs and Brown scored two. Stanley pitched for his team, striking out six batters. Leible 8, Sikeston Auto 7

Charlie Driskill was 2-for-2 and Trent McMillian recorded a triple in an 8-7 victory. McMillian and Flannigan both pitched in the win. For Sikeston Auto, Ian Householder was 2-for-2. Showmaker also had two hits. Householder and Blake Angle both pitched in the loss.


Fregon 6, First National 1

Zach Shaw was 3-for-3, leading Fregon to a 6-1 win over First National. Cody Landers and Harley Cooksey were both 2-for-2. For First National, hits came from Clay Williams, Hunter Duff, Caleb Hampton, Josh Hampton, Brady Glaus and Derion Hoskins.

Jim Wilson 9, Ponder 8

Sam Lincoln blasted an in-the-park home run, leading Jim Wilson to victory. Lincoln finished the game 3-for-3, as did teammate Drew Harper. Austin Fowler was 4-for-4. For Ponder, Dylan Hadison and Vashawn Ruffin were both 3-for-3.

731 Realty 6, Randy's RX 5

Cord Sheehy hit an in-the-park homer, leading 731 to a 6-5 victory. Sheehy finished the game 2-for-2. David Ryan also provided a hit. For Randy's, Colton Black and Connor Landers were both 3-for-3.



House of Color 7, Wildeyes 1

Logan Kirkpatrick was 3-for-4, hitting a triple in the sixth inning of House of Color's 7-1 victory over Wildeyes. He also got the win, taking 14 batters down via strikeout. For Wildeyes, Pipken was 3-for-3. Colton Young and Jimmy Obermark both pitched in the loss. Burger King 11, Lions 6

D.J. Barker went 3-for-3 with two RBIs, leading Burger King to victory. Josh Carlisle was 2-for-3 with one RBI. Carlyle and Charlie Bohannon both pitched in the win. Lennies McFerren, Caleb Davidson and Vince Howard all threw for the Lions. Howard paced the offense with a triple. Tobias and Branson each had two RBIs. Legion 1, Lewis 0

Jones scored the only run of the game in the second inning off a single by Foust. McDowell threw a no-hitter, ringing up 11 strikeouts in the win. For Lewis, Gilmore and Hart both pitched in the loss.


Nunnelee 10, Noffel 6

Eric Sharp and Brown each had hits, leading Nunnelee to a 10-6 win over Noffel. For Noffel, McElwain was 2-for-2 with a home run. Sikeston Auto 12, Leible 2

Vanover and Householder were both 3-for-3, leading Sikeston Auto to a 12-2 win. Ben Walker was 2-for-3. For Leible, McMillan was 1-for-1.


Jim Wilson 12, First National 5

Luke Houchin was 3-for-3, leading Jim Wilson to the win. For First National, Drew Harper, Sam Lincoln and Doug Still were all 4-for-4. Nathan Justice was 3-for-3 and Eric Darnell was 3-for-4.

Dairy Queen 8, Ferguson 4

Alexander Hahn and Michael Burdon were both 3-for-3, leading Dairy Queen to an 8-4 win over Ferguson. Chase Barron and Trenor Gross were both 2-for-2 for Ferguson.

Randy's RX 12, First National 10

Conner Landers was 4-for-4 with a home run, leading Randy's RX to a 12-10 win over First National. Colton Black was 4-for-4 and Dycan Rycker was 3-for-3. For First National, Caleb Hampton, Josh Hampton and Antwan Marshall were all 3-for-3.

731 Realty 7, D&S Salvage 2

Cord Sheehy was 3-for-3 and Christen Burns was 2-for-2 in 731's 7-2 victory over D&S Salvage. For D&S, Caleb Dannenmueller, Tommy Masterson, Troy Kottman and Caleb McCord all had hits.

Ponder 7, Carnell's 5

Aaron Sutton and Rachel Lewis were all 3-for-3, leading Ponder to a 7-5 win over Carnell's. For Carnell's, Bryan Dewayne was 3-for-3.