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SpeakOut 5/15

Thursday, May 15, 2003

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I agree with Mike Jensen about Kmart. They had the rudest people wait on you whom I have ever seen. They were nasty to the customers. Good riddance to Kmart.

It's a real shame that our institute of higher learning north of Sikeston has to call in each year and ask them to mow their lawn. The weeds are higher than they were last year when I called in to ask them to keep them mowed. It has not been mowed yet this year. I know it's been raining and we've had problems with the weather, but it's unbelievable how bad it looks. I wish somebody would get out there and mow if. If they can't afford to do it, put it in SpeakOut and I'll be glad to take my mower down there and do it because I am proud of our institute of higher learning.

The other morning over coffee, we were talking about the city's money problems. I always thought that Doug Friend's idea for cutting costs and cleaning city hall was excellent. We need more of this kind of thinking in our city government. We also had talked about other ways to cut costs and one of the guys mentioned that Cape and New Madrid have turned their convention bureaus over to the Chamber of Commerce to save money for their cities. We thought this is an idea which might be considered, since the Chamber is more directly related with the businesses in town. Does anybody think this is a workable idea?

I read the article about the city trying to cut the Humane Society $15,000 a year on their funding, and I was totally disgusted. The Humane Society is a very needed part of Sikeston and people need to think twice about cutting their funding. What would Sikeston do without them?

I am appalled at the probation given to a man after he pleads guilty to child molestation. He is 41 and she is a child. She will look over her shoulder the rest of her life and trust no one. I know. What was the judge thinking of? One man went to jail with $1 million bail for molesting a 90-year-old. Both are vulnerable. Get him in jail where he belongs. Proof? He admitted it. Put me on the jury. For shame! Our state needs cleaned up and it needs it done now!

Does anybody out there do ironing. If so, please leave your phone number in SpeakOut.