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SpeakOut (5/14)

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

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Mr. Jensen, you sure don't make any bones about how you feel about Mr. Holden. But he is a smart man and is doing what is right. That's where he is and you are where you are. He's done a great job and I hope he keeps it up. That's more than I can say about a lot of other Democrats and Republicans.

Thanks to the city council and especially Chief Drew Juden for the new amendment to the noise ordinance, and I resent the person who said in SpeakOut that it's the same people complaining about the noise on the west end. No one has ever said everyone walking the street or driving a car is making a noise. It is generally the same people doing it over and over again, before and since this ordinance was passed. You couldn't sit outside with your family, watch TV or sleep in your house without someone blaring their so-called music so loud that you couldn't hear what the person next to you was saying, or your windows and pictures were literally shattering, until you were awakened during the night, knowing you had to go to work the next day, then you say something else stupid in SpeakOut. That's not even considering what it's doing to children riding in the cars. By the time they're old enough to drive, they will have to blare their music too because, hell, they can't hear anything!

I am disappointed in the Sikeston baseball fund-raiser. Most of the coupons that you get, you can get in the newspaper or through the mail. Many of the parents I have spoken with are very disappointed with this fund-raiser. Please go back to the Burger King or Sonic dollars. We don't want to sell this junk.

I am pretty disappointed in the city of Miner and city of Sikeston. Last night I went to ask where the public can go if a tornado comes through town, and nobody had any answers for me. They kind of laughed and said they had never had anyone ask this question before. It seems to me to be a pretty serious question with all the tornadoes going on. Is there anywhere in town open to the public?

I'm trying to find out if there is a storm shelter for elderly people, or anybody for that matter, when the tornadoes are coming? Is there one in Sikeston?

We checked with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety and they know of no places open to the public for such emergencies. We also tried to call the Missouri National Guard Armory in Sikeston, but due to construction now under way at that location we were unable to speak with anyone. You may check with a neighbor who has a basement or area churches that have basements. Some churches may make their facilities available for emergency situations such as tornadoes.

I have called this into the Standard-Republican paper before but haven't seen it. This concerns the Noranda Bill, willing to smelter the whole state, went through with no problems. Every politician has promised in every election to help people with prescription costs, every year. Every election you hear it. A company wants to change? No problem. They'll get right on that. You should change your name from the Standard Democrat to the Standard Republican.

Mr. Bush must have no shame. After doing a fly-in (just 30 miles off the coast in San Diego), he looked more like Napoleon than he did the President of the United States. He's no Dwight Eisenhower or John F. Kennedy, and they never had to put a uniform on to show themselves that they were president.

I read your May 7 article and I disagree with you about Kmart. I love to shop at Kmart and I am so sorry that they're gone. The people out there always treated me real nice. If I needed anything, they always went to find it and if they were still here, that's where I would be going to shop instead of having to go to Wal-Mart. I just wish Kmart was still here. I miss them.