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SpeakOut 5/13

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Call 471-6636

I am calling about Garden of Memories Cemetery and I know you say to call the office. I have paid for a lot out here and I was out here the other day and the weeds and grass are so tall, they are growing over the markers. When I do pass and am buried out here, is my grave going to be like this? Garden of Memories and Memorial Park Cemetery used to be beautiful and lovely. Now you walk through ankle-high grass in both of them. They mow a path to where a grave is going to be and forget the rest of it. What's the use in paying $600 for a lot that won't even be taken care of? I have just about decided not to be buried there.

It's pretty bad when an informant or snitch can do drugs with people and then turn around and have them busted. I know drugs are illegal and everybody else knows it. But when someone sees somebody and then they call the cops because they are mad or something, how can they get by with doing drugs too? That's not right.

This is for the single parent of the two children. How did you manage to call SpeakOut if you have no phone, but you couldn't call the school to let them know sick?

The police need to check the 600, 700 and 800 blocks of East Gladys Street. We have children out here and I'm afraid they are going to get hit. Please check this out.

I read in the paper where they are enforcing ordinances for dogs and cats. Dogs and cats don't bother me. It's all these people running up and down the street all hours of the night, knocking on your door at 1 or 2 a.m. when you don't know who it is. The police don't drive around and check the area and check things out. They have their boom boxes playing so loud, especially on the weekend. But the dogs and cats don't bother anybody.

You called the wrong people for help with this problem. Safety concerns such as this need to be referred to the Sikeston Department of Public Safety at 471-4711.

Mike, I know you won't print this because you never print opposing views. You are very one-sided on views about Sikeston, especially when it concerns the west end. Racism and poverty are why Sikeston is in the shape it's in today. It's been that way for years and the way that you and others talk and act, it will never change for the better unless you change the way you think about it.

I am calling about the Highway 66 project coming from Kentucky into Missouri. I am very interested in this project. I would like to see them build a new four-lane bridge across the Mississippi south of the old one (or north of it) and build up the land in there, if for other reason but to get rid of that old crooked road that you get onto when you come off the existing bridge. The road is not big enough for big vehicles.