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Some actions just can't be explained

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I know zilch about mental illness despite the claims of some of my critics. But seriously, when 38 year-old Deanna LaJune Laney killed her two sons this weekend and critically injured a third, I would have thought someone would have seen some signs beforehand. But maybe not. Maybe that's the nature of mental illness.

Police are still trying to unravel what went wrong. Laney took huge rocks and killed her 8 year-old and 6 year-old. She tried unsuccessfully to kill her 14-month old as he lay in his bed. All she would tell police was that she "bashed their heads in with a rock." And thus another tragedy with no answer.

What would make a church-going mother do such a dastardly thing? Of course, we'll never know. Police say Laney remains incoherent at some points and remorseful at other times. But mostly she sits in a jail cell, expressionless and silent. During a brief court appearance yesterday, the woman would appear to be the average devoted mother and wife. And yet we know that something sinister was lurking inside.

I doubt it does any real good to try and analyze why someone snaps. I assume we simply accept it and move on with our lives. To try to explain that which cannot be explained is simply a lesson in futility.

Some will try to seek funds for early detection and prevention of such tragedies but I think that is useless spending. The answer lies far beyond mankind concerning why some people such as Laney take the lives of her children. All we can truly do is mourn and wonder.

I listened last night as the pundits posed the very same question. And their answers were universal in nature. Regret and accept that some actions are beyond our understanding.

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