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Speakout 5/11

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Does anybody know when the dentist's office will open at Semo Health Network? This service is really needed in this area.

We called Dan Brachman with the SEMO Health Network.

"Construction of the expanded medical and dental clinic will begin in mid-June in the River Birch Mall in Sikeston. Construction is expected to be completed by mid-October and the dental clinic will begin soon thereafter. SEMO Health Network as a federally qualified community health center, offers a sliding fee scale based on family income and the number of persons in the household."

I am tired of getting up every morning and seeing the water in front of my house on Salcedo Road. Almost every house along that road has the same problem. Can't something be done to drain this water? At least put culverts in and cover with dirt and grass so we can mow. This is a snake and mosquito pit. Maybe we should all call and complain. We have nice home, but it doesn't look so nice from the road, when the first thing you see is knee-high grass and stagnant water.

The City of Sikeston needs to fix the street at the four-way stop at Kingshighway and Salcedo Road which is terribly rough. Also, when is MoDOT going to open McCulah Street over to the Industrial Park? I believe that is Rose Parkway. It sure would take some traffic from the 61 intersection. There have been some wrecks there.

I think we need a casino. At least more people would have jobs for awhile. Right now, a lot of people don't have jobs and more are bringing in drugs, prostitution and killing. Heck, we already have that, so what are our great commissioners worrying about? Some of you who have jobs don't worry about anyone else. But, you know, you could lose your precious job. A lot of jobs at the Charleston courthouse could be eliminated along with some at city hall and East Prairie. We don't need all those people. Anybody could run the city of East Prairie. We don't need the others. What do they do? We could sure use the money to help the city. I could go to the courthouse in Charleston and most are not doing anything but drinking coffee and gossiping. We need to get together and get these lazy people out of office. Let's pass this casino. We need the jobs in Mississippi County right now.

To the person who said Bill Clinton was the cause of the economy and the war, excuse me. Bush has been in office for three years now. Clinton hasn't been in. Ever since Bush has been in, the value of the U.S. dollar has gone down and down and down. If you want to place blame, put it on the Republicans for once. The Republicans are good about putting the blame on somebody else. Having Bush in office for three years is enough and when it is time to vote again, I'm not voting for him. It's time to vote him out.

Mr. Jensen, I read your article in the paper that Sikeston is working and making more efforts to get new jobs in the area. This is good old Republican days. We won't have any improvements anywhere until we get the Republicans out of office and get a few Democrats. When our man Clinton was in office, we all had jobs, not just you and a few others, but we all had jobs. Now what do we have? Nothing. Until we get old blabber mouth out of office, we won't have anything. Especially people like you, Mr. Jensen, I have no respect for you.