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SpeakOut 5/7

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Call 471-6636

I have found a cocker spaniel who has a rabies tag from Florida. If this is your pet, please call 472-2280.

Would someone please consider putting a Fazoli's in Sikeston? We desperately are in need of a fast-food Italian restaurant. Does anyone know of this being considered?

We called Director of Economic Development Bill Green with your question. "We are not currently negotiating with any developer who has development rights for Fazoli's or Olive Garden. Our prior efforts to attract these businesses suggested that Sikeston's population was inadequate to attract such a franchise."

I agree with the letter to the editor from Randy Bramlett in the May 5 paper. We have to quit sending all the jobs overseas. There are only two things wrong with the world right now and everything boils down to money and greed. I understand the business community wants their product as cheap as possible, but they have to realize that a lot of these products are being made in Bangladesh, Indonesia with slave labor, people working for 60 cents a day. They better realize that someday there's not going to be any jobs in the United States and they're not going to have any money to buy your products. Let's try to keep some jobs in the United States, at least.

To the man who has a lawn mower shop on Indiana Street, please put your telephone number in the paper so I can call you.

Why don't you drop some Lucky Bucks in the newspapers of some of your younger subscribers? All I see is older subscribers who win.

We know which route the Lucky Buck goes out on but we do not "choose" the winner. The winner of each week's Lucky Buck contest is just that, pure luck.

My mother is in need of a wheelchair because hers is broken down and she also needs a lift chair. If anyone has one to donate, please leave a telephone number in SpeakOut. Her number is 471-8882.

This is regards to the person who wanted to bet anything they own that no member of the board of trustees for the Sikeston Eagles was there 20 years ago to help start the senior citizens dances. Well, you better pay up. One particular member of the trustees has been there for more than 30 years. He was president in 1970 and has held many different positions since then, including being trustee at least five times. He was even the Missouri state president. Of our present board of trustees, at least three are at least 50 and one is over 70 years old. I'm sure they regret the manner in which the senior citizens dances were discontinued. By the way, where were you on April 26 when the Eagles had a free dinner and dance to honor some of the charter members who started the club 36 years ago, and are still there? You are more than welcome attend the meetings and since an election is coming up soon, you could even run for trustee.