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Politician's words will likely haunt him

Friday, May 9, 2003

"To disagree most certainly doesn't make someone no good or mean."

Say it ain't so Joe! Lt. Gov. Joe Maxwell is by most accounts a pretty decent fellow. I've talked to those who have served with Maxwell in the Legislature and they give fairly high marks to the popular Democratic lieutenant governor.

Maxwell is virtually assured of retaining his statewide post next year if he so chooses. But the rumor mill has Maxwell challenging Sen. Kit Bond for the Senate seat and Maxwell concedes that some national polling is taking place to give him a better idea of where he might stack-up against Bond.

So Maxwell has been making the rounds in the Democratic strongholds to retain his name recognition and dip his toe into the waters for a potential race against Bond. Maxwell was recently a keynote speaker at the annual Boone County Yellow Dog Democrat Days gathering. You know, that's where political groupies gather and praise their party's faithful regardless of their positions, moral character, ethical behavior, etc. The Republicans do the same thing.

But Maxwell said a stupid thing at this event if he was indeed quoted correctly. I've seen no attempt by him to correct the statement if it was in error.

While praising the people of central Missouri who "raised him" and taught him party values, Maxwell said: "You were wrong in one value you taught me. You told me there was good in everybody. Well there's no good in Republicans, I'm sorry to tell you. But those are the people who are just plain mean."

Well Joe, listen carefully. If you spoke those words, you're an idiot. You deserve not one vote from any member of any political party. You are an embarrassment to the state of Missouri. Once again, if you spoke those words.

Joe pay attention. You have mean people in your party, incompetent people (look only to the governor's mansion), crooks, scoundrels and fools. Your words put you in some of these categories.

The Republican party too has their share of the very same. That could be said for any party, any club, any organization. But don't brand a majority of this state and nation as "mean" or "no good." I understand you were surrounded by your cronies who were salivating to hear you berate the Republican party. But my God Joe, give some Republicans credit for simply disagreeing with your philosophy of government. To disagree most certainly doesn't make someone no good or mean.

I'll tell you what Joe. Run against Kit Bond. Raise your money and give us your solutions to government crisis and management. And I'll remind everyone in this state what you think of those who disagree with you.

And Joe, we'll see who wins buddy!

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