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Speakout 6/27

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I would like to have the telephone number for the Red Hats Society in Sikeston. If anyone has this information, please call me at 471-6893.

For the person who put in a poem or whatever you want to call it, making fun of George Bush, I am so sick of you Democratic people (or whatever you are) putting this man down. He has only been in office for four years and there was a Democrat in office eight years before him. Now, whose fault would your problems be? His? Maybe your own? Maybe you're living above your means, I have no clue. But get off George Bush's back.

In response to "Don't vote for Kerry" in SpeakOut, Kerry may want power, but he's no warmonger like Bush. Bush has had ties with Osama bin Laden and it is proven in the movie "Fahrenheit 911." Bush was given millions of dollars by Osama bin Laden to get his people out of this country. Bush also trained bin Laden for CIA training and gave him $245 million. George Bush should be considered a terrorist himself. Anyone who votes for him is an idiot.

I'm looking for a record player that plays 45 rpms and holds approximately 8-10 records at a time (no consoles, please).

To the person who is looking for the book to put new quarters in, there is a coin dealer at Fox's Flea Market across the bridge from Cape Girardeau and you can get anything you need there.

Diebold's has a liberty bell for sale that you could put quarters in.

Does the taxpayers' money always pay for the funerals of deceased presidents and White House workers?

According to the Congressional Research Service, the privilege of a state funeral is extended to U.S. presidents and presidents-elect and former presidents and they are automatically eligible. A sitting president can designate another person by executive order.

I would like to know why we are getting old news in Charleston. We receive the New Madrid County news. Thanks, but no thanks. Their news is of no interest to me. I would rather get the original Wednesday paper from Sikeston. I am a Sikeston native and would really love to get this paper instead of the one from New Madrid. If you can help me out, I would really appreciate it. We are retired people and don't ask for much, so would you please help us out?

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