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SpeakOut 11/12

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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It's Halloween and I just took my child out trick-or-treating. At every house we went to, I made sure he told the people "thank you" for his candy. I just had several kids come to my house for trick-or-treat and the last one I had was a little child come to the door. I gave her a handful of candy and she said, "Is that all you're going to give us?" People need to teach their children some manners. If you're not going to teach them manners, then don't send them out into the community.

I was really disappointed that the Clearview Nursing Center didn't have Halloween this year. My grandchildren were disappointed in not getting to visit the elderly people. They also missed the haunted house. Please reconsider and have it next year.

I live in Miner and just wonder of any of the other residents experienced what I did on Halloween. The usual cute little kids came by dressed in their costumes and they were enjoying going door to door, accompanied by a parent or an adult. But I can't understand why some parents would approve or even allow their grown kids to go door to door asking for candy. We are talking about kids ages 12 to possibly 15 years old coming to the door. First of all, you don't even live in our neighborhood and you know who you are and someone had to have driven you to Miner, so obviously an adult accompanied you to get over here in this area. Second of all, you weren't even dressed in any sort of a costume. You were obviously planning to be out for a while and going door to door because you were warmly dressed with your jackets on and some of you had gloves on. When you were asked why you were going trick-or-treating, you simply demanded the candy. Since the Miner police were seen patrolling our area more than usual, I figure they had some complaints. Parents, why don't you wake up. It's time to tell your grown kids to not go door to door begging for candy. Parents, buy your kids the candy that they want.

Who's in Washington? Has Bush resigned the Presidency for campaigning for Republicans? Who pays for all this? It must cost a bundle. Clinton got us out of debt. One caller said that in 10 months with Bush, the debt is now in the trillions. What might it be at the end of four years? Not a rosy future for our youth. I would be more comfortable with a President being about the business and protection of 100 percent of the American people 100 percent of the time. I would like to know what has been done since 9/11 to make the country safer. What has been done about illegal immigrants, those still here and those who keep coming? Why should people in the greatest country in the world be deprived of health care? What's being done to clean up the pornography, sex and violent influences on our children? Aren't morals important to a happy and healthy life? Shouldn't our leaders feel some responsibility for cleaning up the trash in our society? We don't need a wild man for a leader. We need a "Mr. Fix It." There are many priorities that should put political campaigning low on the list. Public opinion can still change it all.

Did you hear Tony Heckemeyer's program Saturday morning? Did he call all Republicans "a bunch of peckerwoods?" Hmmm. I don't know about Tony. It's kind of like he's fallen off the other side.

This is about your wonderful, heartwarming story in the Oct. 31 paper about the two high school football teams in Ohio who elected to let a senior with a case of mental retardation to practice faithfully all four years with his team and never once played in any game. They decided to let him play the last play of the game. Originally he was to just receive the snap and take the knee so he wouldn't get hurt. But at the last moment, all of the coaches and players on both teams agreed to let him run and score a touchdown instead, even though it ruined a 42-0 shutout. He received the ball and 21 players all parted in the center like the Red Sea before Moses. Then they all ran along side of him, urging him along to the goal post. Tears were flowing everywhere. What a wonderful thing that was to happen. I imagine all of your readers were touched by that too. Maybe even the Bertrand bullies found something positive and good there too. You reckon? No, I don't think so either, but it was a good story and we need more like it.

I'm calling about Crime Stoppers in your paper. Almost all of them are wanted for "contempt of court." Can't they find something else to charge them with besides contempt of court? From what I understand, they can't even speak their piece when they're tried and explain to the judge. They just holler, "Contempt of court." Don't you get enough money off of people without throwing something else at the when they get to court? They can't say a word. The judge gets to do all the talking.