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Speakout 5/4

Sunday, May 4, 2003

This is for the boy on the bicycle who came by and shot out my car window. I will give you two days after I see this in SpeakOut to bring your parents over here and pay for my window. If not, I will bring the police to your front door and have you arrested. I followed you to your house, and if you do not come over here with your parents and have this window paid for, I will bring the police to your house and you will be arrested.

I am calling for the person who is looking for someone to build a display case for military medals and papers. I may be able to help. Call me at 472-1437.

In response to the person who wanted someone to build a display case for military medals, call Medals of America toll-free at (800) 611-6635.

Who is responsible for the timing of Sikeston's traffic lights? Whoever it is must be getting a kickback from the gas stations in town. For an example, going south on Main from the Tanner Street light, the Malone and Main light turns green before you get half-way there. Going north from the same two lights it will turn red as you get there. This is the same with all of the non-sensor lights in town. Should we not be trying to conserve energy and keep traffic flowing? Again, who is responsible? - Bothered Bob

I read your article and I would just like to ask you if you would let your children in the same area as a child molester? Yes, we may need to crack down on these drug offenders but what about these people who are doing physical and emotional damage to our children? The only thing our government does for those perverts is put them on a list. How can we allow this to go on?

I would like to say a big thank you to whoever made the decision to put the carnival at the Charleston Plaza. That was a fantastic arrangement, plus it made the park so much less congested. I hope this will continue to be done. It made the Dogwood-Azalea Festival so much more pleasant and enjoyable.

I can't understand why the police are so hot on Mr. Miller's tail. He didn't like the nursing home, so he walked off. It is a free country, isn't it?

According to Sikeston Department of Public Safety Director Drew Juden, Glenn Miller was in the nursing home under a court order and violated the order when he left without permission of the court.

I would like to SpeakOut the election in the city of Morehouse, the city officials and KFVS going to Fort Leonard Wood to swear the mayor in.

I would like to SpeakOut on the subject of respect. I don't know why people would be so upset because people don't have any respect for their car wash in Morehouse. Why would they have respect for a person's car wash when they don't have any respect for people's property, trash in front and behind them and old junk blowing all over their yards and everywhere else.