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Speakout 1/5

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

I would just like to thank everyone who helped out with the Toys for Tots drive. Without your help, my children's Christmas wouldn't of been as delightful as it was. Thank you to everyone in the program! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as you helped make ours. God bless you!

This message is for the woman in the black extended-cab pickup truck. I saw you Tuesday when you bashed back into the new car behind you. Turn yourself in. I have your numbers.

I just read the piece in the paper about the owner of the property who couldn't get the renters out. There is a way of doing it, you just have to learn you can do it. You have to have the guts enough to do it. I know because I have rent houses and if they don't pay me they will be moved in a few days.

If anyone has an 8mm movie projector they would like to sell please call 471-7520.

This is a response to the person that put a word in Speakout titled "Be glad for success" referring to us Portageville basketball fans. First, to the Daily Standard, the coverage in your sports department since we have been calling you in Speakout has been getting better right away. Thank you for that. As for that loser who tried to dog us out about we are no good. All I have to say is you sure don't know what a basketball looks like. Get a life.

* * *

I am calling Speakout. I would like to put in the paper about the person that is jealous about the Portageville Bulldog basketball program that we don't know need to be state-ranked because we haven't proven ourselves. Well, they are just jealous, they are losers, they don't know anything about basketball. If that doesn't answer their question, tell them to pick up the 2004 Bloomfield Christmas tournament bracket then you will see what Portageville has done. - A Portageville Basketball Fan.

I'm looking for a commercial type popcorn popper, new or used. Please your number or contact to how reach you in Speakout.

I was calling in response to "Curious" about the state of Democrats who are not able to be Christians because Democrats desire another man's house and another man's wife, and so on. I don't know why someone would think that all Democrats basically state the lower half of society would have to desire another man's house because not all do. Therefore they could be Christians.

I'm from Louisiana and I came up here on vacation over the Christmas holiday and I got stranded in this snowstorm and I would like to say thank you to the people over at Bertrand who helped me get out and all those firemen who helped on the Interstate and didn't get paid a dime and they fed us. I really want to say thank you. I didn't think there were that many people left in the world who would do something like that.