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Your view: He's ba...c...k

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Starting the New Year off right, I dedicate this to my charming critics and their heartwarming Christmas wishes published in speak-out concerning my writing.

Please know when you go to sleep each night, it is because of you, I feel compelled to write! If this nation was founded as an anti-God nation dedicated to the elimination of God from public policies, public schools, and public life, as the "A.C.L.U.," and "People for the anti-American Way" claim, why then, was "a stated conviction and belief in God as the Creator" a pre-requisite tenant in our Declaration of Independence as well as the U.S. Constitution? How much intellect do you need to be able to ask and answer that question honestly and correctly?

Forget intellect, try using some plain old common sense. These groups aided by left-leaning Federal Judges, and the NEA (National Endowment of the Arts, as well as the National Education Association) over half-a-century of incremental drip, drip, drip of false propaganda invented this phony concept of "Separation of Church & State!" An honest reading of historical documents, and each individual state's founding charter without false interpretations reveal a prominent, reverent acknowledgement of God. In that light the Anti-American rulings by "Progressive Judges" appear to be unconstitutional, and unbinding on individual states.

In my next 250 words or less submission I will cite some of the first words in those state charters, which all start by reverently acknowledging God. I know you critics; you just can't wait, can you?

John McMillen