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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

SpeakOut 4/15

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Call 471-6636

I lost a purse on April 9 on the parking lot at the First Christian Church in Sikeston. The hospital also uses the parking lot. I am not concerned about the money that was inside, but I would appreciate it if whoever found it would please call me at 471-1101 or take it to the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. There are no credit cards or anything, but I do have important items that I need to have returned.

I am a Christian calling in response to a request for help for a cancer patient. Please call me at 472-0594. If I am not available, please leave your phone number and I will return your call. There are many caring Christians in the Sikeston area and I feel that if this is a legitimate need, help can be found.

In response to the cancer patient who is in need of help, please call me at 471-4094.

This is in response to the person who knows of a man who has lung cancer and needs transportation to St. Louis for treatment. I have used a few places for transportation for medical reasons. D&R Medical (573) 785-1200 or 866-785-1200; and the other one is S&T Transit at (573) 776-1813. The services are free and if you are on Medicaid or Medicare, they will help you. Please give them a call.

Thank you for your interest in the car which I own in Morehouse. You are obviously a citizen of the village. I have often wanted an opportunity to SpeakOut on the abuse of the car wash and, thanks to you, I finally can. You are right about it being built for the convenience of Morehouse. I have in-laws who are lifetime natives of Morehouse and because of that and the need for a small car wash, I decided to build one, along with a few storage units. Many of our friends tried to talk us out of building because it would be abused. We should have listened. Yes, we anticipated the clean up needed because of usage and some vandalism. But we did not anticipate people using it for the city dump and going as far as to continually taking the light bulbs from the light fixtures mounted on the sides of my office next door. Just keeping up with the trash that people dump who do not use the car wash is a full time job. Since the car wash was built in 1999, I have relocated my contract/service business there. I have purchased property on Main Street (Beech) where the buildings have burned, spent money to clean them up and plan to some day do something with those properties to continue the upgrade of downtown. From a business point, I feel Morehouse has a strategic location with Highway 60 paralleling the city. Property is reasonable, utilities are available and taxes are less. It is good for businesses not needing exposure to survive. I have met many good people in Morehouse and I am sure there are many I have not met. I like Morehouse, but apparently it does not like me or the things I have tried to accomplish there. I have simply been frustrated with the lack of common courtesy and respect for public use property and lost some interest. This little car wash cannot afford a full time attendant, as those in Sikeston do. The worse the clean up conditions, the harder it is to maintain. I will improve on the clean up of the car wash bays. An effort from those who use the car wash would be greatly appreciated.