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Speakout 1/12

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I have worked in Sikeston restaurants for a very long time. It has troubled me for a long time that not once I have seen the health department give an inspection, not to mention I never received a hepatitis A shot during my employment. The truth is that I will not eat anything from a restaurant because I see the hygiene practices and the lack of sanitary cleaning on a every day basis. I have seen food preparation machines go months without cleaning. I'm not saying that all restaurant in town are unsanitary. Next time someone has a complaint about a restaurant being unsanitary or family members being ill from the food they ate, maybe you will know why.

I'm calling about people complaining about not being able to get renters out of their houses. I had a similar situation. In my case, I did get one renter out although she owed me back rent and destroyed the house and left the house in a mess. I sued her and we won the case. Of course, we never got the judgment and, of course, she filed bankruptcy. The next person I rented the house to is my husband's niece. We thoroughly love this girl and her children. They pay their rent faithfully, but unbeknownst to me, they were totally destroying the house. When they moved out, I was surprised and in shock at the condition it was left in. They totally flooded the inside of the house. The house has not been livable for over a year, although we still have to make house payments and insurance payments. The niece has not once apologized, nor has she offered to make restitution. So if you think about renting a house, think past your relatives too, even if they are very beloved to you.

Thanks for saying what should have been said a very, very long time ago, Mr. Jensen. Not only are we paying for the upkeep of these children, but all of the mothers' expenses. If you look at many families in our town you can trace irresponsibility, welfare and all other public aid back to the beginning of welfare payments. It is a known fact that procreation no later than junior high is a duty and money maker, then Grandma and the state raise the kids while Momma, still a kid herself, goes on having fun and more babies. We are trapped raising them at the expense of our own children. The amount that we pay in taxes could and should have been spent on our own families. Again, thank you for your candor.

Mr. "Mac" has promised to write more plagiarizing, boring comments. If you must write, John, at least let it be your own ideas and not borrowed stuff that we've heard already, many times, from other idiots.

In Mr. McMillen's last letter, he made the threat of another letter of 250 words or less and, then at the end, asked, "I know you critics can't wait, can you?" Yes, John. Forever and ever and ever and ever. Do you get the point?