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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

Speakout 8-18

Sunday, August 18, 2002

I read the SpeakOut on Aug. 8 about "Gotta blame someone," about Sept. 11. You're the idiot. You shouldn't even live in this country. You should go to Afghanistan and live over there because you're such an idiot.

I have a client who needs a chair. If anyone has one to give away, please call me because this person has to sleep in a recliner and the one she has now is worn out and very uncomfortable. The patient's number is 471-1777.

I'm calling in response to "Pass the peas, please." Go to Highway BB and 114 and look for the produce signs. The lady there has a garden and she has purple hull peas.

I'm calling about some pictures that I had developed on Aug. 7 at a local drug store. There was another lady who had some developed before mine and another lady had some developed after mine. I want to see if these customers could look through their pictures and see if they came up with any pictures or negatives that don't belong to them. Half of my pictures were lost by the store, along with the negatives. My pictures were of the Clydesdales and other pictures. Please call Super D and the store will call me.

These people who have nothing good to say about our wonderful President should remember that we have a war to pay for; something ex-President Clinton should have had if he hadn't been a coward and let bin Laden destroy our things when he was President. Bush is doing a good job. Remember, war is expensive.

There is one block of Wakefield Street that has never been paved. I don't know who has the power to have the city streets paved, but I would bet that no one on the city council would dare go east on Wakefield past Main Street on a rainy day because they would get their nice, shiny cars full of mud. I talked to one member of the city council about the street, so it must be someone who has more power than he does to get this street fixed.

Call City Hall at 471-2512 and ask for the street department.

I will not vote for any Democrat running for any office. The Democratic Party is the party on the left. If it is in power, there will be nothing left of traditional, moral values - just more taxes. Nothing left of the Christian right, which the Democratic Party despises. George W. Bush has not lied to the American people. It's encouraging that unemployment is still down. The market shot right up again, just as Bush said it would. We had Democrats in power for more than 50 years and we still have poverty. Who's lying? Those of the Socialist-loving Democratic Party. The Democratic Party feels the Republican Party wastes. That is a lie. The Democratic Party says the Christian right is for the businessman. That's wrong. That's a lie. The Democratic Party says it is for the working man. That's a lie. It is not for the working class. If it were for the working class, it would be against taxation, but it is for taxes. It's for keeping people in slavery to the federal government through the welfare state. That's the Democratic Party.