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Governor should let case come to end

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hopes to mount a national campaign some day, I would suggest he change his tune. Gov. Bush can't seem to let the Terri Shiavo case end. Shiavo, you will recall, is the Florida woman who lapsed into a coma and remained in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years until her husband decided to remove her feeding tube. She died two weeks later.

Conservatives have adopted the Shiavo case and rallied against the feeding tube removal. But the courts ultimately sided with the husband.

Now Gov. Bush wants to reopen an investigation into a time lapse between when Shiavo collapsed and when medical personnel were called. Depending on the accounts, there could have been as much as a hour lapse between her collapse and the 911 call.

Dear Gov. Bush - Let It Go! This tragedy is being compounded by do-gooders and conspiracy nuts who can't seem to allow this story to end. By making this case some sort of national litmus test on the right to die, these arch-

conservatives can't seem to accept the decision of the courts and the woman's husband.

An autopsy a week earlier concluded what the medical community had said all along - the woman was indeed in a persistent vegetative state with zero chance of improvement or recovery. But family members quickly disputed this finding because it did not match their opinion. It's clear that there will never be agreement on this case but regardless, it's time to let it go.

Gov. Bush is playing into the hands of the religious right and it's a costly mistake. We should mourn the passing of Terri Shiavo and recognize her accomplishments during her brief life. But it's time to end this saga and halt the headline-grabbing attempts to fan the flames of division.

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