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Speakout 6/23

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I haven't read or seen anything in the paper about the farmer's market that used to be on Saturdays. Is it in operation, or will it be this year?

The farmer's market is open Saturdays until noon.

I am a Mississippi County resident calling to voice my opinion and disgust about the Mississippi County Courthouse staying open June 11 while other counties closed in honor of our 40th President Ronald Reagan's funeral. I just want the county officials who had the authority of keeping the courthouse open, come election year for your position, you will not have my vote. I'm sure your excuse will be the money you saved the county. Bull!

My child has attended Bell City Schools for the past 4 years without paying tuition even though we live in the Scott County Central School District. A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the Superintendent of Bell City Schools stating that for my child to continue to attend Bell City we would have to pay $1600 in tuition. Why now? I cannot get an answer to this question. I am curious to know if all "non-resident" students have received this same letter.

We called the Bell City School District with your request. "Any questions concerning student residency issues need to be directed to the superintendent's office." The number is (573) 733-4444.

I was recently at a local store and the manager (I think) was talking to another employee about how they can get paid for the week even though they weren't there every day. I think they were clocking in and out for each other and that's how I understood the chit-chat. Employees like this do not need the job. It should be given to someone who will be honest and who needs to work. I laid my things down and walked out of the store, because they were so involved in trying to cheat that they wouldn't wait on me.

Why don't you Iraqi empathizers go over there and let them cut your heads off? You complain about people in our military stripping Iraqi prisoners, look what they are doing to Americans.

I am calling in response to the article about obese people and their clothing. I agree with the person who said large people should not wear tight or spandex clothing. The article was written very tastefully and should not be criticized. Some larger people really should take a second look in the mirror and realize that tight clothing really does not complement the way they look. I am not skinny nor obese, but I would appreciate tasteful criticism. Some obese people do need to get real and respect their bodies enough to keep them covered up. If obese people really want to draw attention to their shape, they need to be ready for sly remarks.