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SpeakOut 4/4

Friday, April 4, 2003

Call 471-6636

I don't think it's right for another country to go in and try to rule somebody else. We have enough to do here. As far as terror, some of the people have lived in terror in this country all their lives. Why not give some of those able-bodies prisoners who are young enough to go over there and fight instead of sending all these respectable people with kids and wives at home. Get them out of prison and let them go over there and fight. Let them see what it's all about, let them do something constructive if you just gotta go to war. But I don't believe in it.

I just finished writing checks for life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, house insurance and I really don't like writing these checks but it's something I've got to do as a responsible person. I would much rather take this money and buy a new car or something. I'd rather do that. Insurance is kind of like the war in Iraq. It's something we've got to do. It's what responsible people do.

This call is in support of the War on Iraq. Any of you protesters, remember history. The world sat by while millions of Polish people and Jews were exterminated by Hitler and the Nazi's. Are the war protesters and the rest of the world are waiting on Saddam Hussein to repeat Hitler's atrocities?

I am a student at New Madrid County Central, and just recently, I got four days of AEP because I had written something on my folder, voicing my opinion on a certain subject. The principal did not like what I had written and he punished me. This violates my First Amendment, freedom of speech. Something needs to be done. Please help.

Why should a spiritual nation want some of our values? We have abortion on demand, men and women living together without marriage, single women having baby after baby, children shooting children in our schools, children stolen from their parents and abused or killed, sex and violence in our entertainment industry at all levels. God and prayer are forbidden words in our classroom. We're supposed to be a "nation under God." What has happened? Our President (and I believe he's a good man) should be using some of these billions of dollars to begin putting our country "under God" again, starting with our entertainment industry, then attacking welfare. For instance, if a single woman has a baby, her boyfriend or parents should be responsible for its welfare; not the taxpayers. Just a thought.

MoDOT said they wanted to know about potholes. There are some incredible potholes by Cargill on Highway N in Scott County. They make it so dangerous to turn around the corner that you don't want to turn a corner while someone is coming from the other direction. It is not a good two-lane road.

The best way to get information to the Missouri Department of Transportation is by calling the MoDOT Customer Service Center toll-free at (888) 275-6636.

I see where Essex Wire is closing now. How many jobs are going to be lost before we finally break down and admit that this free trade agreement and other things aren't working? When are the Bush people going to admit that the economy is in the shape it's in? It is getting bad and people won't even discuss it.