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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

Keys are returned to mayor

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

New board members are sworn-in

MINER - Miner police cars will have decals and lights and will patrol the Interstate, but not use radar; the mayor will get his key to city hall back; and city officials with cell phones will be reimbursed $20.

The old board started action on business items during its regular meeting Tuesday by first accepting the April 8 election results. That done, City Clerk Janet Tuttle swore in Deloris Smith for Ward I; Roberta M. Wills for Ward II; and Phyllis Hepler as city collector.

The board also selected Betty Barnes for mayor pro tem although there was some question of whether there is a two-year or one-year minimum time on the board requirement under revised state statutes. Also, Barnes and Smith will represent the city on the Tourism Board.

With the new members in place and appointments made, the board then turned its attention to new business.

* A one-day caterer's liquor permit for Diana's Lounge was approved for their annual fund-raising event.

Police Chief Roger Moore said the event has never been a problem to his recollection.

* The award of a bid to network the police department's three new computers was tabled due to an audit in progress.

* The board approved a liquor license for the Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

"Maybe with all these licenses and permits, maybe something's going to happen over there shortly," said Mayor Frank Tatum.

* A three-year renewal for the Sikeston Fire Protection District contract was approved.

Tuttle noted it is an agreement with the Sikeston Fire Protection District, "it's not really Sikeston."

* The board approved running a six-inch diameter water main about 1,100 feet for Ruby Tuesday at a cost of $6,000 plus another $500 for a fire hydrant. Ruby Tuesday only needed a four-inch line, but the larger water main will provide enough water for the whole area.

Drury Inn has offered to pay $2,500 toward the project, according to city officials.

* The board approved a week-long training course for Police Chief Moore which will enable him to provide required continuing education hours to his officers instead of sending them off for the training.

"I can teach everybody right here," said Moore.

Officers are required to have 48 continuing education hours every three years.

The cost of the course plus boarding will be $400.

"It will save us money in the long run," said Alderman Mitch Thompson.

* An equipment lease was tabled because the fire chief, Randy Baker, was unable to attend due to his duties.

With the agenda business items addressed, Barnes presented the board with several items in rapid succession for consideration, receiving seconds and the necessary votes.

The board first approved returning a key to city hall to Tatum.

"He is the mayor and he should have a key to the city," said Barnes.

After some discussion of options, the board next approved reimbursing the mayor and two city officials with cell phones $20 toward their bill.

Next the board approved 3-0 with Mitchell abstaining putting decals and lights back on all Miner police cars.

In the final action of the night, the board directed the police department with a 4-0 vote to not use radar while patrolling the Interstate.

Before adjourning, Peggy Holman voiced a concern over dump trucks speeding.