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Women's rights lose with Burk's protest

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

"The right of association is as important as any other right we have."

Martha Burk, the outspoken feminist who flopped in her protest of the Masters golf tournament, now wants to target companies who belong to the prestigious golf club. Burk's planned protest at Saturday's Masters attracted a paltry handful of protesters who were easily outnumbered by members of the media. But that hasn't stopped the media-savvy Burk.

Burk wants companies like IBM, General Electric, Ford and Microsoft to quit the club over the lack of female members. But her quest will most likely flop again.

Burk is clearly after attention - with or without the change she wants. Despite abundant opposition from other women's organizations, Burk remains adamant that the Augusta club should admit women to their membership. Members of the club have repeatedly said a women will soon be admitted to membership but not under the time frame demanded by Burk and her National Council of Women's Organizations.

I wonder who funds groups such as those headed by Burk? If one cent of taxpayer money makes it into her greedy, egotistic hands, then it should be halted. Burk has pushed the cause of women's rights back a few years solely on the strength of her repulsive personality. The women's group would do well to replace her as their spokesman.

I firmly believe there is a place for organizations that cater strictly to one group or another. That is not racist nor anti-women nor anti-anything else. The right of association is as important as any other right we have. But Burk doesn't see it that way and she is trying to make a name for herself. In this case, she has failed miserably.

The media is much to blame for the prominence of Burk and her followers. Why so much attention is paid to a handful of protesters when the overwhelming majority thinks otherwise, is beyond me. If the media would ignore Burk, she would lack the stage she so desires and her passion would quickly evaporate.

Martha Burk is not a champion nor a leader nor an effective spokesperson for women in general. She picked the wrong fight at the wrong time and she lost. It's time she faded into the sunset. She's had her 15 minutes of fame. And to me, that was about 10 minutes too long.

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