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SpeakOut 4/16

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Call 471-6636

This SpeakOut is addressed to the caller who wanted to know, "How stupid are these liberal Democrats who say they support the troops?" The answer is, not as stupid as you. I'll wager this caller doesn't have any of his family fighting in this war. I do, and I'm telling you, you can most definitely support the troops and not support this war. The caller questions protesters' knowledge of the objective of this war. I'll wager again that this caller isn't quite sure of the objective of this war himself. How could any of us be sure? It started out that Iraq was behind the attack on 9/11, but that couldn't be proven. Then it was that Saddam and Osama are buddies. Wrong again - they're actually enemies. So we moved on to the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq has. Oops! Couldn't prove that either. Maybe this one will stick: We need to free the Iraqi people. Fine. Are we going to free all the other oppressed people of this world, because there are many. Do I feel for the Iraqi people? You bet. Am I willing to sacrifice my son so they can have a different government? No way. Are there any Bushes or Cheneys fighting on the front lines? Not on your life. How abut we deal with problems here at home - the economy and Osama bin Laden?

To the person who finds no smiles and only rudeness in Sikeston, we welcome you to the Dogwood Church. You will find neither there. And for your doctors' and nurses' offices, go on to East Prairie and I promise you, you will find the same welcome every time.

This regarding the SpeakOut comment about a caller's cable line not being buried. I had that same problem and, finally, the cable company came and buried the cable after I ran over it three times with the lawn mower and they had to come out each time to repair it. Of course, this was at no charge to me, so I guess they finally got tired of paying to have someone come out and repair my cable. They eventually sent someone out to bury the cable.

I read the SpeakOut article about someone having trouble to get the cable company to bury their cable so they could mow their lawn. I have the same problem. They came out on Dec. 16 to install cable in my new home. I have called them numerous times and have called them three times this week to see when they would come out and bury the cable, because I can't plant anything in my yard. We have to make sure our 3-year-old doesn't play with the cable wires. I have the same question. Who should I contact because they won't provide the services they are supposed to? I pay my cable bill every month. They are hooked up to my home and won't do anything. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is that a violation of some kind of code in Sikeston?

It's poor sportsmanship when some of the referees can cheat a certain basketball team. What kind of people off the court who cheat a bunch of kids? Some of the referees need to be fired at the end of the year and arrested for their conduct. They are setting a poor example for the kids.

Please do not blame the businesses for going out of business. It's not the businesses' fault. The taxes are so high here in Sikeston. It's a shame because Sikeston is going to end up like Cairo, Ill., and Charleston. People can believe what they want to, but this is a great industrial wasteland. The farmers here don't want anything here. The wealthy farmers and landowners are the ones keeping industry from coming here. They need to get together at a whole and keep all the businesses here that they can. Now they're going to build a whole country back? Come on, America. Let's help our people right here at home.

I have a question. Not long ago some Americans went to Iraq to be a human shield. In my opinion, these people are traitors. They are not Americans. Will they be allowed to come back to the United States? If so, I think they should be punished. They should be on trial and be convicted as traitors. I'm sure we lost some American lives because of people who were human shields. I believe most of the people in Iraq were forced to do it, but these people who went over there went on their own; they volunteered to do it. They simply should not be a citizen of the United States of America. In my opinion, they should be tried as traitors, convicted and then put to death. If anybody can respond to this, I would appreciate it if you would voice your opinion in SpeakOut. Someone asked me today what is going to happen to the people who went over there to be human shields and I don't have the answer. Thank you very much and God bless America!