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SpeakOut 4/3

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Call 471-6636

I want to say a special thanks to all the troops who are fighting in Iraq, and to the families of loved ones who are over there. We appreciate you much.

I'm calling in regards to the war. Before it started, I was skeptical. But now that we have begun, we have a lot of family and friends over there, risking their lives. We need to be supporting our troops and supporting their efforts. I served in the Vietnam era and it wasn't fun coming back. People doubted what we felt like we tried to accomplish. We mustn't forget that united we stand, divided, we fall.

It would have been very fitting to pick up the newspaper today and seen a photo of the supporters of our troops and President.

I am calling about the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. Down in the west end community, there is a basketball court and hut located at the corner of Alabama and Washington streets. If that's a public park, why are the police officers harassing people to get off the property? I believe the parks are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Are people not permitted to go to the park during those hours? They've already torn down pretty much of everything in the west end community. Where do they expect our children to go? Are they just supposed to sit at home with nothing to do? As a parent, I am concerned about this. If my child goes to the park just to hang out or to shoot basketball, every time they go are they going to be harassed by the police to leave that area?

We contacted Sikeston Department of Public Safety Director Drew Juden with your questions. "Obviously, we do not harass anybody. We respond to calls and complaints. The only time we change or alter hours of the parks is if there is an unruly crowd or disturbance, and this applies to any of the parks in Sikeston. If we have a group that is unruly or out of control, then we take appropriate action, which may include closing down the park."

I am visiting in your fair city and have been going to a trucking school here and pumping some money into your economy here for the last two weeks. I'm staying at a local inn here in Sikeston near Wal-Mart. Saturday evening I was walking my little dog. I went in to a nearby gas station to get a soda and, when I came out, she was gone. I wish somebody would have asked if this was somebody's little dog. Apparently it was a soft-hearted person who picked her up. She's very distinctive and is very cute. She has an injured front paw (an old injury that happened 10 years ago). People who have seen her have thought she was hurt and wanted to take her to the vet. I've called local veterinarians and the humane society. I have also placed an ad in the lost and found in the newspaper. I have to go back to Greenville, Miss., today. My cell phone number is 662-428-1944. Her name is Misty, she is a small brown and black pomeranian/toy collie mixed. I would appreciate it if whoever picked her up would call me. If you have incurred any veterinarian bills or food or anything, I will gladly reimburse you. Please call me so I can come and get her and make arrangements to have her picked up immediately.

To the west end residents on West Gladys Street, I want you all to know (men, women, newcomers and all) that the police are watching you and you will be caught.