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Decorative stickers becoming popular

Sunday, August 18, 2002

Tammy Coleman, an employee of Craftmasters, works with the sticker racks.
SIKESTON - It's interesting what one can create by attaching a smiley face here, a bright-colored flower there.

The amazing thing is it's become a $600 million business.

The decorative sticker industry is popular with all age groups and there are unlimited choices on the market. There are scratch-and-sniff stickers, those that glitter, some that feature food or are holiday oriented and others with messages.

Adults have come to realize stickers can be helpful in adding a personal touch to their party invitations or guest books.

And stickers can be used as an educational tool as well. Putting a "good job" sticker on a homework assignment lets the young student know he's on the right track which will persuade him to continue doing his best.

Gavon Turner likes stickers so well he puts them on everything, even places he probably shouldn't. "I have Spiderman, Bob the Builder and football stickers," announced the 4-year-old. "I put them on the wall, on my hat and on my desk. Sometimes I put them some place and my dad takes them away."

The Sikeston Public Library has been using stickers to persuade youngsters to read for years. "Kids love them," said Ann Thompson, children's librarian. "Monday I used them at the YMCA's library booth as an incentive to draw kids to it. In my summer reading group I'd put stickers that were symbolic of pyramids on the back of their name tags and they had to find that symbol on a pasteboard, then they'd find out all about it. I use stickers in a lot of my programs.

"We also use stickers by putting them on books in the adult section to indicate they are new and we use them on books to let us know if they are duplicate copies. We really use them a lot."

When it comes to stickers, walking into Craftmasters' KidSMART is like a kid entering a candy store. "How different kinds of stickers do we have? Let's see, how many hairs are there on a head?" quipped owner Nancy Craft.

After contemplating the question for a moment, Craft said the store carries over 400 different kinds which are purchased regularly by teachers, churches and various organizations.

"The kids like stickers because they're little and they can get the message across, it's like a little reminder they can carry around," explained Craft. "They can put their stickers on their fingernails or on their earlobes which is better than piercing. They can do little art projects with stickers and we have acid-free stickers which people can use in their scrapbooks which are really popular right now."

Eight-year-old Wesley Kelly likes the fact that stickers are so versatile. "They're all pretty cool," he said. "You can put them on walls and shirts and things like this. I like Digimon, Pokemon, Dragonball and Dragonball Z stickers. I also have a few smiley faces. You can do a lot of things with stickers. Sometimes I may want to make something pretty cool like a book and put stickers in it. That's pretty neat."