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SpeakOut 8/20

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Call 471-6636

Mike, I read your article in the paper about the rodeo and people coming to town. Then I got to the part where it says "perhaps they'll take a little time to drive around town before heading to the rodeo grounds." I wonder what they're saying about our streets. Our streets are so bad. They've done a few of them and I hope they stay with it until they get them all done.

Hey, Mike. Fed Up Ed here. It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting on my porch, enjoying a cup of coffee. Some big old fat chick is walking her big old fat dog down the street to crap in my yard. That makes me mad. I'm going to start sitting out tasty treats for the dogs that crap in my yard. It ought to be against the law.

Part one should be against the law; part two already is.

I called concerning a house on the corner of Ruth Street. It burned a couple of months ago and it was already boarded up. It burned I know six years ago and was boarded up then. When is something going to be done about this place? They finally mowed the grass after it was three-feet high and looked like a hay field. We have small children around here. When are they going to do something before somebody gets hurt? I've heard of people getting $500 fines and $250 fines for stuff in their yards and I feel that if someone is going to be fined, the owner of this property needs a big one.

Have you contacted city hall with your concern? The number is 471-2512.

In the Aug. 11 paper, the title says, "Holden signs bill into law, then must veto." Well, the governor did a good one again. If he'd read the darned thing before he signed it, I guess he wouldn't have messed up. But I guess they just put it in front of him to sign whatever he wants to. That's why our state is so screwed up now. They don't read what they're doing; they just sign bills and go on. This cost my vote for you next time, clown.

I am calling in reference to your editorial and I absolutely agree with you about Gov. Bob Holden. You're right. The poor guy is dumb and the sad thing is he's got some great family in Dexter. But he has done nothing but tear this state up. It takes a bad governor every once in awhile to make us realize what some of the good governors have done. I think Cousin' Carl should run for governor in the next election.

You can't blame the police for crime just because they're the ones who catch crooks. And you can't blame Bush for corporate crime just because he's the one catching crooked executives. The crooks were looting companies for years before Bush took office and Clinton and Gore never did anything about it. In fact, Clinton took bribes himself to pardon the crooks. The New York Times reported that Clinton and the Democrats even falsified the government accounting records and lied about the national economy for years. There weren't any budget surpluses and the Democrats lied about it. Clinton even issued an executive order to let his crooked treasury secretary Robert Reubin become CEO of Citibank and work in cahoots with Enron to try to cover up their crimes. It's all true. You can look it up. It will take Bush a while to clean up eight years of corruption, but he'll get the job done if he's left to it.

Why does the director of nursing at the Southeast Correctional Center hire the majority of her nurses from a hospital or clinical areas? Why doesn't she hire nurses from other nursing areas and give them an opportunity for a job?