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Speakout 4/20

Sunday, April 20, 2003

I need someone to maintain my yard this summer. I am looking for someone who can keep shrubs cut back, edging and other work I may need this summer. If interested, please leave your number in SpeakOut and I will call you back.

I am so glad I started receiving my Standard Democrat. This is in response to Oops! in SpeakOut. The caller was asking if you had an editor and saying the people don't know their job and said Mike Jensen doesn't know what he's doing, I beg your pardon. Mr. Jensen is the best person news person there ever was in this world, and he's the best person. And I will always support him if I see anything in SpeakOut concerning him that is negative because he loves everybody.

To you, Mr. Liberal Democrat, you would lose that bet because I have two sons in this war and they both will tell you if you do not support what they are doing, you are not supporting them. Another thing, Liberal, I know exactly what this war is about and freeing Iraq is not it. It's freeing Americans from the fear that this evil dictator will give these weapons or chemicals to terrorists who would try to kill you and your family right here in America. You have proven two things. You are a liberal and an idiot.

I am calling about the April 11 SpeakOut, "Disagree with view," where the person said they were not going to tip. Well, that's your choice. But it's also a service choice, whether you get good service or ever get a refill. That's up to you. You pay for what you get.

I understand that wait personnel make a minimal hourly wage and rely on tips to compensate. When we eat out, whether we tip or how much we tip is determined by the kind of service we get. When a waitress walks by our table a dozen times, talks to other customers or people they know, and never stops by to see if we need a refill or anything, what have they done? Especially when the meal is a buffet style where you serve yourself. If I do all the work, what would I be tipping someone for if they do nothing? Then again, when we get good service, we show our appreciation by leaving a generous tip.

Does anybody know who works on push lawn mowers? I need to have some maintenance work done on mine.

I am the person with the two dogs by the Head Start center. I need to clarify some things. First, the elderly lady with the small dog is my mother-in-law and I see her dog daily. The dogs bark, that's what they do. So I really can't help that. Both dogs are legal and have enough chain to let them run and play. They are at least 10 feet from the street. Thank you and have a nice day.

It seems Charter Cable always finds ways to keep its customers upset. The program guide on Channel 4 only shows about half of the channels available. You have to guess what's on from channel 49-78. Now they list a channel 98 and 99 on the program guide, and these don't even show anything on the channels except a big screen. You have to pay big bucks for the channels; you should at least get to know what's on. If you want to complain, call Charter at 472-0244.