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Speakout 1/14

Friday, January 14, 2005

I want to thank Michael Jensen for his Jan. 6 editorial about bringing to light what a lot of America is thinking and asking themselves the question of why it is like it is. I think it was very well written and brought to light a point that needed to be brought out.

The customers at Long John's would like to thank Krista Smith for her years of serving us and we miss you very much. We will always remember the girl with the big eyes and beautiful smile.

I went to the post office up town to get a money order. They had a sign up that said, "We are temporarily out of money orders." As I was coming back home, I was thinking, if they would have been sent to the Post Office by UPS or FedEx, they would have had them on time and could have sold money orders today.

I am a Portageville Bulldog basketball fan. I am the one who has been calling about your sports department stinking and being very crummy. I just received my Jan. 9 edition and am very impressed of how your coverage of our Portageville Bulldogs is getting much better. Thank you for that. SpeakOut is worth calling, even if you have to spend money to call. And last, but not least, I guess I got my point across to the loser who responded to Portageville not being any good. I guess he finally realized a basketball is round. We are not No. 2 in the state of Missouri for nothing. Go, coach Bidewell. He's the greatest of all Southeast Missouri coaches in the Bootheel. Thanks to the Standard Democrat, you're a great paper - and sports department.

By the clock on Friday evening (I live on Highway 77 in Benton), I went to get my mail from the mailbox. Doesn't the new sheriff's department have to obey the speed limit? The speed limit here is 45 mph and has been for years and even extends down past the Blodgett Road now. I saw the new emblem in your newspaper, which is why I recognized his car. I don't know who was driving it, but it was one of cars with the sheriff's new emblem. He was definitely speeding with no lights on to indicate any kind of emergency. He was going no less than 55 to 65 mph.

Calling SpeakOut can't solve the problem for you. Did you report this incident to the sheriff's department? The number is 471-3530. The sheriff has no way of knowing of improprieties unless they are reported.

Has some prominent person in Scott County passed away and left the county a lot of money? From what I read on the front page of the paper the other day about what Rick Walters has done, first changing the new look in the county. I hope they have enough money to pay for all that. I was hoping he'd get in there and start being a sheriff and start working, but I guess he decided to do some decorating changes first. Maybe he will put it in his plan of the day to work and not just make changes to fit his needs. He needs to remember, the voters put him in there and they can take him out.