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Speakout 4-21

Monday, April 21, 2003

I am a lifelong resident of Sikeston and have just spent the worst weekend of my life here. Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night because off this boom-making and crap going on all day and all night. The police were not enforcing the law. They even called out more officers but not even one arrest was made. They are letting these people take over the west end of town and it's their own fault. That's why we can't have any extra police officers, because they can't afford to pay the officers overtime. We need new officers who will enforce the law and arrest these people who are causing the disturbance or we need to just get rid of the law for peace disturbance altogether and just let them take over. Even with this beautiful weather, we can't leave our windows up because of the noise. Something has to be done!

This is in reference to the double standard against the YMCA. My child plays on the team that you were referring to on March 31. First, if you are going to tell something, tell the truth. Secondly, if you had waited around long enough, she would have played. You didn't give them time to figure out the schedule. Just because she wasn't scheduled to play in the first quarter doesn't mean things would not change to where she could start. Then, one girl did not show up and the coach's daughter was out of the game due to an injury. I sat and cried as you walked over to the coordinator at the YMCA and started yelling and cursing at him. YMCA is a good Christian facility and my child participates in the program. For the coaches, you didn't give them a chance. If anyone was unfair, you were, as a parent, to sit and yell across the auditorium at the coordinator.

Mike, we know you will probably have the answer to our question or be able to find out for us. We want to know what position George W. Bush had and played in the Enron scandal and how much he was involved.

I am the owner of the big white building in Morehouse. It is for sale and you can call First Realty GMC Real Estate. Please, end of subject.

I'm sure the Sikeston Eagles Lodge regret the fact that they were forced to stop the senior citizen dances, along with some other programs. The present Board of Trustees had members who are probably the ones who were responsible for starting the senior citizen dances 20 years ago. This program and others were canceled due to discrepancies from those who were entrusted to run the program. The Eagles' motto is "People Helping People," not "people helping themselves."

No answer

I have tried calling several telephone numbers in the Standard Democrat that are listed under "Houses for rent." Sometimes the people don't answer and there was another house advertised on Gladys Street and that number was not a working number. Can somebody please get it straight?