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Speakout 6/21

Monday, June 21, 2004

What has happened to the City of Sikeston with the good old Christian people? When you were sick or anything, they would call to see how you were doing. Is there no more people around like that anymore who are really down to earth Christian people?

Which one is the most ridiculous: Kerry or Holden? I wonder if Kerry can tell us where the 20 million jobs are. That's a lot jobs; quite a big war hero in service for four months and then threw the award away. Quite a guy. Then there's Holden, fighting so hard for these belligerent Republicans. He's the one who cut the school funding and so forth. Republicans did not take the money away from children and seniors. He spent more on his inauguration than anyone could ever save. Lord help us!

I am calling about a young man who rides a green motorcycle. He speeds up and down the street, doesn't stop at stop signs until he gets right upon them (if he stops then). Why haven't the police done anything about this? I would also like to tell the young man, if he reads the paper, to please slow down. There are young children in the neighborhood and some of them are young enough that if they run out into the street, there is no way he could stop in time to keep from hitting one of them.

I wish the people who travel 536 Road in East Prairie had to eat the dust that we have to. They go down this road more than 50 mph. They better hope they have good insurance. If they hit one, it's going to be a bad accident. I was going down the road today and couldn't even see 3-inches in front of me. A great big 18-wheeler was just flying and I had to stop. It's a wonder I hadn't had an accident. The commissioners or highway patrol need to come down here and watch these grain and fertilizer trucks flying down the road. The road is in bad, bad shape and needs new blacktop or something done to it. This white gravel road is for the birds. You can't mow the sides of the ditches because of the gravel; you could tear up a lawn mower trying to cut the grass. The ditches are too deep, for one thing. Maybe we could sue them if we tear up our lawn mowers. I have tried on several occasions to talk to the commissioners about these problems. We also need some speed limit signs posted here. We have asked our commissioner several times about speed limit signs but all we got was a sign that says, "Children at play. Be careful." What good does that do? They don't pay attention to that sign. Sometimes they go through here 100 mph.

To the person who doesn't like fat people. I am a big, beautiful person. I always pass up close parking for the elderly and I wear clothes that cover me. Some people choose their size and some big people have medical problems that cause a big size. Not all of us eat with shovels. If you do not like the way people look, then don't look at them.